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Death Penalty Negative
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2nc – False Comparison

Death penalty is not analogous to slavery --- culpability and scale

Conklin, 19 --- Assistant Professor of Business Law, Angelo State University (7/4/19, Michael, Denver Law Review, “A STRETCH TOO FAR: FLAWS IN COMPARING SLAVERY AND THE DEATH PENALTY,”, accessed on 5/27/2020, JMP)
DIFFERENCES The starkest difference between slavery and capital punishment is found in the level of culpability. Slaves were blameless in their circumstance. Executed inmates, however, are not. They are convicted of a capital offense by a unanimous, twelve-person jury based on the highest legal burden: beyond a reasonable doubt. These inmates then spend years exhausting all avenues of appeal. This level of culpability presents challenges for death penalty abolitionists as they attempt to draw sympathy for those on death row. While slavery abolitionists faced distinct challenges in gaining sympathy, they did not have to confront the extreme levels of culpability that death penalty abolitionists are attempting to confront today. There is also a significant difference in the sheer scale of slavery in America when compared to the modern death penalty. In 1860, over twelve percent of the United States population was slaves.[29] In 2016, only 0.00000006% of the population was executed.[30] It is easy to see how the fewer people affected by an issue, the harder it is to gain advocates for that issue. The death penalty does not even make the list of the top forty-six most important problems in America.[31] Many slavery abolitionists supported a more pragmatic-based “gradualism,” such as that promoted by the Pennsylvania Abolition Society. They proposed legislation that would only allow for the freedom of those born after March 1, 1780.[32] While death penalty abolitionists debate suitable alternatives to the death penalty, there is no real debate as to how quickly they want the death penalty abolished.

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