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Death Penalty Negative
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1nc – False Comparison

Comparison to slavery fails --- alienates those who must be persuaded and diminishes those who suffered literal slavery

Conklin, 19 --- Assistant Professor of Business Law, Angelo State University (7/4/19, Michael, Denver Law Review, “A STRETCH TOO FAR: FLAWS IN COMPARING SLAVERY AND THE DEATH PENALTY,”, accessed on 5/27/2020, JMP)
For the most part, Malkani does not use the similarities he mentions to lead up to a more profound insight, such as what the anti-death penalty movement can learn from the slavery abolition movement or why he believes the anti-death penalty movement will prevail in the end. Furthermore, slavery is commonly recognized as America’s most evil act and therefore is frequently utilized as a catch-all comparison to any modern action that someone wants to cast in a negative light. Animal rights activists, those attempting to repeal the Affordable Care Act, proponents of lower taxes, and gun control advocates have all compared their efforts to those of slavery abolitionists (and their opponents to pro-slavery activists). It is unclear how effective these modern-day comparisons to slavery are. Reducing slavery analogies to essentially “things I also don’t like” runs the risk of alienating those on the other side of the issue who the activist should be trying to persuade—to say nothing of diminishing the experience of those who suffered through literal slavery. Malkani’s selective use of comparisons and refusal to address counterarguments suggests that the primary purpose of comparing the death penalty to slavery is to simply make the death penalty look bad and therefore promote the anti-death penalty agenda. The tactic of comparing a controversial current issue with a settled issue from the past is certainly permissible and can be effective, but when masked as a comparative-historical analysis, it comes across as disingenuous.

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