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Death Penalty Negative
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1nc – LWOP Turn

LWOP is inhumane and offers fewer protections for the convicted

Conklin, 19 --- Assistant Professor of Business Law, Angelo State University (7/4/19, Michael, Denver Law Review, “A STRETCH TOO FAR: FLAWS IN COMPARING SLAVERY AND THE DEATH PENALTY,”, accessed on 5/27/2020, JMP)
A. Unintended Consequences The slavery and death penalty abolitionist movements have both resulted in unintended consequences. For example, a sharp increase in the death penalty against blacks followed the abolition of slavery.[7] After all, when slavery was legal, many people in power had a financial interest in not killing slave labor. Malkani and other death penalty abolitionists fear that abolishing the death penalty will likewise result in an unintended consequence, namely the increased use of, and entrenchment in, life without parole (LWOP). The concern is not just that LWOP is inhumane but that it offers less protections for the convicted—such as automatic appeals—when compared to the death penalty.

2nc – LWOP Turn

Public pressures ensure replacement with LWOP

Williams, 17 --- Professor of Law, South Texas College of Law (Kenneth, “Why and How the Supreme Court Should End the Death Penalty,” 51 U.S.F. L. Rev. 271, Nexis Uni via Umich Libraries, JMP)
ii. Life Without Parole In the past, jurors often voted for death in order to ensure that dangerous defendants remained in jail and were never released on [*284] parole. 98 Now that most states provide jurors with the option of sentencing the defendant to life without parole ("LWOP"), this concern is eliminated. As a result, jurors are meting out fewer death sentences 99 and the public seems to agree with those decisions. In a recent poll, 52% of the public preferred LWOP, whereas 42% preferred the death penalty. 100 Even among those who support the death penalty, 29% preferred LWOP. The public is increasingly unwilling to accept the risk of executing an innocent person now that they are assured that the perpetrator will never be released from prison.

Life without parole lacks the heightened review procedures available in death sentence procedures and proves they can’t embrace dignity

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