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In Death of Salesman, there are recurring themes or motifs that unify the play and blend together in the last act to give a paradoxical or ironic comment on the drama. The first dominant motif is the false importance placed on personal attractiveness and popularity. To the protagonist Willy Loman, being handsome and well liked is all-important. Willy naively believes that if a person is attractive and popular, the entire world opens up for him, guaranteeing success and answering the American Dream. Willy sees the personification of this in the salesman, David Singleman, whom he describes in the play as the man who has obtained…….


  1. Discuss Willy Loman as a pathetically tragic figure. What actually overcomes him in life?

  2. Which character in the play changes the most? Support your answer with specific detail.

  3. What aspects of American society are criticized by Arthur Miller in the play "Death of a Salesman"?…..


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