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Biff Loman - Biff is the older of Willy’s two sons. He is an attractive man, even though he is a failure in life. In high school, Biff was a star football player, winning several scholarships. Unfortunately, he was unable to continue his education because he failed math, even though Bernard tried to make him study and helped him to cheat on the exam. He also began stealing in high school and was never……
Happy Loman - Happy is the younger son of Willy Loman and is unattractive and overweight. As a boy, he was over-shadowed by his older brother Biff, who was doted upon by Willy because he was handsome and a star football player. Though Happy never expressed any overt resentment over the excessive attention paid to Biff, he constantly seeks his father’s approval. He always tells Willy that he is losing weight, trying to please the man.

On the surface Happy seems to be a responsible young man. Unlike Biff, he has…….

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