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Dear Members,
As you may know, Beth Jacob Synagogue has formed a Syrian Refugee Committee, which is a sub-committee of the Social Justice Committee, and reports to the shul Board. The purpose of the Committee is to take concrete action, on behalf of the shul, toward alleviating the Syrian refugee crisis. After conducting preliminary discussions and research, the Committee has decided to sponsor (bring to Hamilton and settle) a refugee family of 7 that has fled war-torn Syria. We believe that this is a worthy project that fulfills the Torah precept of showing kindness to strangers and the oppressed. In this letter, we explain our reasons for undertaking this project; the organizations we are working with to carry it out; the safety considerations that have been taken into account; and the connection between the Syrian refugee crisis and Israel’s security. We also list the numerous Jewish organizations that have called on the community to participate in the effort to resettle Syrian refugees. Synagogue members are invited to contact the Syrian Refugee Committee if they would like to learn more about the project or take part in it.

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