Dear Friends

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March 2014
Dear Friends,

At one time or another we’ve all shivered through loss of heat in our homes. The furnace breaks down or we lose electricity which powers the furnace. In such a situation, especially in the extreme cold weather we’ve experienced this winter, we might look to family members or friends to take us in until service is restored. That may be true for most people, but for the Ursuline sisters who reside at the motherhouse that is not an option. There is no place to relocate 60 sisters, the majority of whom are elderly.

Most large facilities operate back-up generators as insurance against unexpected outages. Our motherhouse does as well. The problem is the generator is almost 60 years old and is on its last legs! It has, in fact, started to leak, and replacement parts are no longer available. So to guard against being caught “in the cold” as the sisters were after the 1946 fire that destroyed St. Joseph Seminary, we have designated this year’s 21st Century Club appeal, with a goal of $60,000, to cover the cost of replacing the back-up generator in our boiler house. We also hope to replace the 20-year-old emergency doors in Angela Hall -- now home to 15 of our sisters -- with more energy efficient and user-friendly upgrades.
Several years ago, with your help, we replaced another back-up generator. That one provides power for emergency lighting in the motherhouse. This year’s generator replacement will ensure that boilers will continue operating to provide heat to the motherhouse and light to the tunnels beneath the building.
Throughout the years, from the St. Joseph fire to the present, we have been touched by your support of our 21st Century Club appeals. May we count on your generous support once again? Any donation, large or small, is a blessing and will go a long way in helping us provide a safe and comfortable home for our sisters.
Thank you for your assistance and for your friendship. Be assured we hold you in prayer each day. May God bless you abundantly for all you are and do.

Gratefully in Saint Angela,

Sister Susan Durkin, OSU Cindy Johnson

President, Ursuline Sisters Director of Development

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