Ddi 12 ss disabilities Neg Dartmouth 2012 Andrew 1 ddi 12 ss disabilities Neg Strategy Sheet

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Oliver and Zarb 1989 (Mike and Gerry, professor of disability studies at the university of Greenwich, policy analyst at the disability rights commission in the UK, “The Politics of Disability: a new approach.”)
Using what she calls "an interpretive approach", based on the work of Foucault, Liggett takes her criticisms further than this and argues that the politics of disability is structured by certain discursive practices. Thus the minority group approach . . . is double-edged because it means enlarging the discursive practices which participate in the constitution of disability. In other words, the price of becoming politically active on their own behalf is accepting the consequences of defining disability within new perspectives, which have their own priorities and needs. The new perspectives then become involved in disciplining; disability. (Liggett, 1988, p. 271) Thus, accepting disabled people as a minority group also involves the accepting of the disabled-nondisabled distinction; accepting the `normalising' society. This has implications for disabled people seeking to gain control over their own lives for . . . in order to participate in their own management disabled people have to participate as disabled. Even among the politically active, the price of being heard is understanding that it is the disabled who are speaking. (Liggett, 1988, p. 273)

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