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2NC AT: No Cooperation

Interstate compacts are used to implement transportation actions

Florestano 94, Florestano, Patricia S. University of Baltimore, “Past and Present Utilization of Interstate Compacts in the United States” Fall 1994, http://publius.oxfordjournals.org/content/24/4/13.full.pdf

The use of compacts over the years shows an uneven pattern. Although compact growth has varied notably by decade, states have continued to propose, discuss, and enact bi-state, regional, and nationwide compacts. Thus, even on the basis of this preliminary investigation, it is possible to say that interstate compacts continue to be a viable instrument of cooperation and offer a potential tool for problem resolution between states in the federal system today. Many state officials across the country seem to see the compact as a feasible method of taking interstate actions that cover functions from environmental protection to transportation regulation, from provision of services to criminal justice activities, and from the traditional areas of boundary resolution to regulation of rivers and river resources. In addition, continuing cross-state metropolitanization necessitates interstate agreements, especially for transportation in those areas. These findings donot suggest, however, that we will witness "constant discovery of genuinely novel applications" of compacts. 52 All states are members of one or more compacts, and they cover a variety of fields. It is more likely that we will see "Council of State Governments, The Book of States, 1976-77, p. 573. at Dartmouth College Library on July 18, 2012 http://publius.oxfordjournals.org/ Downloaded from

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