Ddi 12 ss disabilities Neg Dartmouth 2012 Andrew 1 ddi 12 ss disabilities Neg Strategy Sheet

How are the impacts of our disad, which are based on empiricism, not a “testable form” of prediction?

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How are the impacts of our disad, which are based on empiricism, not a “testable form” of prediction?

People are oppressed because of their disabilities in other countries, how does the aff solve that?
“Congress has issued a message that people with disabilities do not deserve full citizenship or equal participation in the community and are merely tolerated when they [*1345] can become economic participants”


1NC T – Infrastructure

Infrastructure Investment includes only the support for large infrastructure projects – repairs, maintenance, and minor projects aren’t topical

Chang, et. al. 10

(Diana Chang, Sheryl Pankhurst, Matthew Schneer, and Daniel Schreiner, Monitoring and State Improvement Planning Division Recovery Act Facilitators “MSIP ARRA Monitoring and Technical Assistance” leadershipmega-conf-reg.tadnet.org/.../original_S3-105-ARRA_Technical-RAF.ppt)

Financial support for a physical asset or structure needed for the operation of a larger enterprise. Therefore, infrastructure investments include support for tangible assets or structures such as roads, public buildings (including schools), mass transit systems, water and sewage systems, communication and utility systems and other assets or structures that provide a reliable flow of products and services essential to the defense and economic security of the United States, the smooth functioning of government at all levels, and society as a whole. However, an infrastructure investment does not include “minor remodelingas defined in 34 CFR §77.1(c).’ 
Vote negative for limits– they expand the topic by allowing affirmatives that alter or repair transportation instead of increasing it – that exponentially increase the size of the topic because all affs become multiplied into repair, altercations or new infrastructure affirmatives
At best that means they can’t solve their aff – they don’t change current transportation infrastructures oppression of the disabled

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