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***Capitalism K***

1NC Capitalism K
The affirmative reinforces capitals drive to “normalize” the disabled population – more inclusion, more control and more normality serves to solidify the institution that is the ROOT CAUSE of disability oppression

Michael Oliver, Professor of Disability Studies @ University of Greenwich, 1999, “Capitalism, Disability and Ideology: A Materialist Critique of the Normalization Principle”, http://disability-studies.leeds.ac.uk/files/archiveuk/Oliver-cap-dis-ideol.pdf; AB

At the outset, I should say two things. I have no particular interest in the history of normalization and therefore, I am not attempting to provide a revisionist history of it. Neither do I think that normalization, or social role valorization as it has become in its reincarnation, has much to offer in developing a social theory of disability. I am interested however in the oppression of disabled people in capitalist societies and what normalization does, or rather does not say about it. This interest has led me to begin to sketch out what a social theory of disability might look like (Oliver 1990) .For me, all social theory must be judged on three inter-related elements: its adequacy in describing experience; its ability to explain experience; and finally, its potential to transform experience. My own theorizing on disability is located in Marxist political economy which, I would argue offers a much more adequate basis for describing and explaining experience than does normalization theory which is based upon interactionist and functionalist sociology. In fact I would go further and argue that the social theory that underpins Marxist political economy has far greater transformative potential in eradicating the oppression that disabled people face throughout the world than the interactionist and functionalist theories that underpin normalization ever can have. And I will go even further than that and argue that already this theory has had a far greater influence on the struggles that disabled people are themselves currently engaged in to remove the chains of that oppression than normalization which is, at best a bystander in these struggles, and at worst

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