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Older people don’t use transportation infrastructure

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Older people don’t use transportation infrastructure

Ivonne Audirac, 1AC evidence, Florida State University, 5/16/2008[“Accessing Transit as Universal Design”, Journal of Planning Literature 2008, Sage Journals, http://jpl.sagepub.com/content/23/1/4.full.pdf+html]AB

In the United States, metropolitan planning organizations under the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 and subsequent reauthorizations are mandated to address these issues in Metropolitan Transportation Plans specifically focused on pedestrian and transit mobility and ADA-mandated accessibility. Yet funding shortages limit the capacity of many transit agencies to adequately meet these mandates. 8 Furthermore, the notion that all users benefit from transit that meets the needs of Americans aged 65 and older, whose population is estimated to increase 80% by the year 2025, has encountered both skeptical and optimistic assessments. Giuliano’s (2004, 204) research finds that rather than shifting to transit, older people “prefer automobile travel and compensate for physical limitations by traveling less.” Her research also “suggests caution in considering more transit environments as a mobility strategy for the elderly,” since the transit service will have to be very high quality and mimic the car to effectively attract the elderly to transit (p. 204). Similarly, Rosenbloom (2003) asserts that older Americans prefer to drive and that restructuring transit and development patterns will provide more travel choices but not necessarily cause older drivers to switch to walking and transit for the majority of their trips.

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