Ddi 12 ss disabilities Neg Dartmouth 2012 Andrew 1 ddi 12 ss disabilities Neg Strategy Sheet

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2NC Ext #4 – Uphold Life

1NC 4 was that upholding life is the ultimate moral standard. Uyl and Rasmussen say that life is the ultimate standard of value because only humans are capable of choosing their ends.
The quest to decipher the value to human life beyond mere existence opens up a pandora’s box of eugenic murders

Richard Coleson, JD Law, Summer, 1997, Issues in Law and Medicine, 13 Issues L. & Med. 3, Lexis

Frustrated with the ethic of "preserving every existence, no matter how worthless," Dr. Alfred Hoche in 1920 wrote, expectantly: "A new age will arrive--operating with a higher morality and with great sacrifice--which will actually give up the requirements of an exaggerated humanism and overvaluation of mere existence." 8 Issues in Law & Med. at 265. Euthanasia proponents of our day, too, seek with great zeal to usher in a new age. They speak, in words echoing from a distant age, that it is cruel to deprive those who are suffering from their desired means to peace and freedom from pain. Like Binding, they scold: "Not granting release by gentle death to the incurable who long for it: this is no longer sympathy, but rather its opposite." Id. at 254. The early promoters of euthanasia appeared to be sincere in their belief in the virtues of merciful death. Today's promoters of physician-assisted suicide may also be sincere, but it is a sincerity born of an unpardonable carelessness. Unlike their predecessors, euthanasia proponents today have the benefit of the lesson of history, which has taught the true nature of physician-assisted killing as a false compassion and a perversion of mercy. History warns that the institution of assisted-death gravely threatens to undermine the foundational ethic of [*30] the medical profession and the paramount principle of the equal dignity and inherent worth of every human person.

2NC AT: Ageism

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