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2NC AT: US Considerations Key

The World Bank has specific considerations when implementing universal designs

Harold Snider, Adjunct Associate Professor and major activist for the disabled and Nazumi Takeda, education consultant to the World Bank, October 2008, “Design For All: Implications For Bank Operations”; AB

Key considerations in implementing universal design are: • Incorporate universal design from the outset as an essential component of the project in order to minimize the additional cost. Adaptations of the existing built environment will cost far more. • Establish participatory mechanisms for universal design in a specific project. Universal design is local-environment specific, and may not be transferred from one region or country to another. Seek input from local community users including people with disabilities, women, and elders. Contact Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs) if any. • Educate designers, builders, and users about the purpose and benefit of universal design so that they find good solutions to problems. • Include a universal design component into procurement. • Identify macro level inter-sectoral relationships to avoid deficient work. The project should take into account universal design in an integrated manner, which involves a wide range of sectors. Creating accessibility in an inaccessible space will not enhance total access. • Identify regional or country accessibility standards and anti-discrimination legislation. While participation and consultation with local stakeholders is essential, projects should comply with local accessibility standards and anti-discrimination legislation whenever available. • Conform to a specific framework and sectoral requirements of the CRPD.

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