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2NC Ext #2 – Policy Makers

1NC 2 is that policymakers must act under a utilitarian framework – our Harries 94 evidence indicates that their value to life cards assume individual action, not a policymaker who is responsible for millions of people.
Political responsibility necessitates utilitarianism

Jeffrey C. Isaac, Professor of Political Science – Indiana-Bloomington, Director – Center for the Study of Democracy and Public Life, Ph.D. – Yale, Dissent Magazine, 49(2), “Ends, Means, and Politics”, Spring 2002

Most striking about the campus lefts re­sponse to September 11 was its refusal to ask these questions. Its appeals to "international law" were naive. It exaggerated the likely nega­tive consequences of a military response, but failed to consider the consequences of failing to act decisively against terrorism. In the best of all imaginable worlds, it might be possible to defeat al-Qaeda without using force and without dealing with corrupt regimes and po­litical forces like the Northern Alliance. But in this world it is not possible. And this, alas, is the only world that exists. To be politically responsible is to engage this world and to con­sider the choices that it presents. To refuse to do this is to evade responsibility. Such a stance may indicate a sincere refusal of unsavory choices. But it should never be mistaken for a serious political commitment.

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