Ddi 12 ss disabilities Neg Dartmouth 2012 Andrew 1 ddi 12 ss disabilities Neg Strategy Sheet

NC AT: No International Agreement

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2NC AT: No International Agreement
Universal Design by the United States is internationally accepted

Harold Snider, Adjunct Associate Professor and major activist for the disabled and Nazumi Takeda, education consultant to the World Bank, October 2008, “Design For All: Implications For Bank Operations”; AB

5.01 This paper has demonstrated that universal design is a relevant internationally accepted design concept, worthy of consideration for adoption by the World Bank for use in its projects. Adoption by the World Bank does not necessarily mean a hard and fast mandate. However, as part of its duty of due diligence, under the CRPD, the World Bank might seriously consider whether it can or will adopt some design concept or approach which will integrate the human rights of people with disabilities and universal design into its projects. 5.02 Another reason for adopting universal design is to promote poverty reduction as mandated in the MDGs. People with disabilities, women, children and elderly persons are likely to be the poorest of the poor. By adopting universal design, the World Bank could take one more step in beginning to alleviate poverty.

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