Ddi 12 ss disabilities Neg Dartmouth 2012 Andrew 1 ddi 12 ss disabilities Neg Strategy Sheet

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DDI 12 SS Disabilities Neg Dartmouth 2012

Andrew 1

DDI 12 SS Disabilities Neg
Strategy Sheet

1NC Options (Do not read all at the same time – pick and choose)

1NC T – Not Repair

Spending DA

Elections DA

States CP

World Bank CP

Cap K

Nietzsche K

Ethics K


CX Questions:

Drimmer says:

Congress enacted several laws which focused on people with disabilities. Most of these laws authorized services to help "cure" what are considered "ailments" within individuals who have disabilities in order to increase national production and decrease welfare spending. The few recent laws seeking to provide rights and remedies to people with disabilities have consistently failed to recognize them as complete citizens, acknowledging them only as "flawed" individuals not at fault for shortcomings that society must endure.”

People that have disabilities but can’t leave their house or move – do you provide access to them?
How is the aff not an example of providing right to people with disabilities to accommodate their “flaws”

Download 266.63 Kb.

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