Dbq rubric-Jacksonian Democracy

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DBQ Rubric-Jacksonian Democracy



Demonstrates a sophisticated use of a substantial

number of documents linking them the thesis. /2

Supports thesis and documents with substantial

outside information (SFI) /2


Contains a well developed thesis that addresses

Jacksonians as guardians of the Constitution,

Political Democracy, Individual Liberty,

Equality of Economic Opportunity /1

Demonstrates in depth analysis of all areas;

all areas are discussed. /2

Demonstrates a thorough understanding of

Jacksonian Democracy; stays in time-frame /1

Well structured, well written, well organized.

Follows rules of writing, grammar, mechanics /1

Total; Points /9 /200

Document Use

___Doc A-Evans, Working Men’s Declaration of Independence

___Doc B-Jackson’s Veto Message

___Doc C-Webster’s Reply to Jackson

___Doc D-Martineau, Reporting her 1834 visit to the US in Society in America

___Doc E-Hone, Riots in Eastern Cities

___Doc F-Acts and Resolutions of South Carolina

___Doc G-Picture-from Woolarc Museum, Oklahoma

___Doc H-Taney-Charles River Bridge Case

Outside Information

___Land/Reform Movements

___Distribution Act

___10-hour movement


___Lowell Factory Girls

___Lowell Factory Girls’ Strikes

___Workingmen’s Ticket

___Turner-Frontier Thesis

___Second Bank of the US

___Pet Banks


___Hard/soft money

___Agrarian and Labor sectors

___New states/territories



___Informal regulation-state banks
___Toqueville-Democracy in America

___Beaumont-Slavery in America

___Public School Move-Mann/Mass

___Elimination of Prop Qual-Voting

___Penny Papers


____Written Ballots

____National Nominating Conventions

King Andrew I

____Mayesville Road Veto


____Specie Circular



___Irish/German Immigrants

___-public schools


___Gabriel Prosser

___Denmark Vesey

___Nat Turner

___David Walker-

___Appeal to

The Coloured Citizens

___Garrison-the Liberator

___ Douglas-

___Life and Times of

F. Douglas

___Indian Removal Act-1830

___Trail of Tears

___Cherokee Nation v GA

___Worcester v GA

___Five Civilized Tribes
___Extension of the Marshall Ct

___Gibbons v Ogden

___Broad Defn of Commerce


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