Dbq american Imperialism This work will be considered a test grade. You are to hand in only concise, short, but accurate numbered answers. There are 40 questions at 2 points each. I expect well-reasoned simple answers to each question

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As part of the sentence,

i.e., "As shown in Document 2, the U.S. regarded itself as Cuba’s…"

i.e., "…President McKinley thought of the Filipinos as …(Doc. 11)."

I .Introduction
Background: Describe the general historical circumstances related to the question. Include a definition of “Imperialism” example: “A policy by a stronger nation to attempt to create an empire by dominating weaker nations economically, politically, culturally, or militarily.” Include a thesis Statement (answer the question).


“Imperialism played a _________________role in the shaping of American foreign policy in the late 19thand early 20thcenturies and can be seen (not seen) as a continuation of Manifest Destiny because…..( in that)

II. Body Paragraph I (Economics)
A. Topic Sentence: America attempted [or did not attempt] to create an empire by dominating weaker

nations economically.

B. Evidence from the documents provided.

C. Related outside evidence.

D. Transition sentence
III. Body Paragraph II (Politics) (same as above)

IV. Body Paragraph III (Culture) (same as above)

V. Body Paragraph IV (Military) (same as above)
VI. Conclusion
Summarize, extend, apply, evaluate or affirm your position.

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