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DOCUMENT 19 "America’s Duty in China", by John Barrett

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"America’s Duty in China", by John Barrett, North American Review (Aug. 1900)

The United States should insist upon the permanent maintenance of the trade principal of the Open Door…The United States, acting with charity and equity, and in no spirit of vengeance, should employ all its moral and material influence in…establishing permanent order and honest progressive administration of government throughout [China]: in safeguarding, both for the present and the future, the lives, rights and holdings of missionaries, merchants and other foreign residents; and finally, in so preparing the way for peace, order and prosperity, to be followed by liberty, justice and freedom under the guiding direction of Christian civilization, that we shall win the lasting gratitude of the countless blameless Chinese and make them forever our disciples in moral and material progress."

  1. What is America’s most important duty in China, according to Barrett?

  2. How does Barrett also promote the ideas of Social Darwinism?

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