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Selected Bibliographies of Personal Accounts

1120 Allaire, Anthony. Diary of Lieut. Anthony Allaire.

4598 Ames, Nathaniel. The diary of Dr. Nathaniel Ames of Dedham, Massachusetts, 1758-1822.
1126 Angell, Israel. Diary of Colonel Israel Angell.
1129 Atkins, Josiah. The Diary of Josiah Atkins. Edited by Steve Kagle.
2563 Backus, Isaac. The Diary of Isaac Backus. Edited by William G. McLoughlin.
427 Barker, John. The British in Boston: being the diary of Lieutenant John barker of the King's own regiment from November 15, 1774 to May 31, 1776.
369p Cooper, Samuel. The Diary of Samuel Cooper, 1775-1776.
2326 Curwen, Samuel. The journal of Samuel Curwen, loyalist.
4473 Feilitzsch, Heinrich Carl Philipp von. Diaries of two Ansbach Jaegers/ Heinrich Carl Philipp von Feilitzsch and Christian Friedrich Bartholomai.
3615 Fersen, Hans Axel von. Diary and correspondence of Count Axel Fersen, grand-marshal of Sweden, relating to the court of France.
2049 Fish, Joseph. On light on separate ways: the Narragansett diary of Joseph Fish, 1765-1776.
877p Fitch, Jabez. The Diary of Jabez Fitch, Jr. in the French and Indian War, 1757.
1212 Gilbert, Benjamin. A Citizen-soldier in the American Revolution: the diary of Benjamin Gilbert in Massachusetts and New York.
371p Gore, Obadiah. The Revolutionary Diray of Lieut. Obadiah Gore, Jr.
1054 Greenman, Jeremiah. Diary of a common soldier in the American Revolution, 1775-1783: an annotated edition of the military journal of Jeremiah Greenman.
4738 Hill, Baylor. A Gentleman of Fortune: the diary of Baylor Hill, First Continental Light Dragoons, 1777-1781.
4902 Hiltzheimer, Jacob. Extracts from the diary of Jacob Hiltzheimer, of Philadelphia. 1765-1798.
4040 Hunter, Robert. Quebec to Carolina in 1785-1786, being the travel diary and observations of Robert Hunter, Jr., a young merchant of London.
4560 Latrobe, Benjamin Henry. The Virginia journals of Benjamin Henry Latrobe, 1795-1798.
1192 Mackenzie, Frederick. A British fusilier in Revolutionary Boston; being the diary of Lieutenant Frederick Mackenzie, adjutant of the Royal Welch Fusiliers, January 5-April 30, 1775, with a letter describing his voyage to America.
837 Mackenzie, Frederick. Diary of Frederick Mackenzie: giving a daily narrative of his military service service as an officer of the regiment of Royal Welch fusiliers during the years 1775-1781 in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York. Volume 2.
1127 Marshall, Christopher. Extracts from the diary of Christopher Marshall, 1774-1781.
4481 McClure, David. Ohio Country Missionary: The Diary of David McClure, 1748-1820.
457p McHenry, James. Journal of a march, a battle, and a waterfall: being the version elaborated by James McHenry from his diary of the year 1778 begun at Valley Forge, & containing accounts of the British, the Indians, and the Battle of Monmouth.
458p McMichael, James. Diary of Lieutenant James McMichael of the Pennsylvania Line, 1776-1778.
2258 Miranda, Francisco de. The New Democracy in America; travels of Francisco de Miranda in the United States, 1783-1784.
3903 Morris, Robert. Radical Adventurer: the diaries of Robert Morris, 1772-1774.
7q Muenchhausen, Friedrich Ernst von. At General Howe's side, 1776-1778: the diary of General Howe's aide de camp, Captain Friedrich von Muenchhausen.

3691 Muhlenberg, Henry Melchior. The Journals of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg.

2902 Nagle, Jacob. The Nagle Journal: a diary of the life of Jacob Nagle, sailor, from the year 1775 to 1841.
3460 Olmsted, Gideon. The journal of Gideon Olmsted: adventures of a sea captain during the American Revolution.
3308 Papet, Friedrich Julius von. Canada during the American Revolutionary War: Lieutenant Friedrich Julius von Papet's journal of the sea voyage to North America and the campaign conducted there, 15 May 1776 to 10 October 1783.
3668 Parkman, Ebenezer. The Diary of Ebenezer Parkman, 1703-1782.
3488 Patten, Matthew. The Diary of Matthew Patten of Bedford, N.H.: from 1754 to 1788.
4727 Peebles, John. John Peebles' American War: the diary of a Scottish grenadier, 1776-1782.
4558 Piel, Jakob. Defeat, disaster and dedication: the diaries of the Hessian officers Jakob Piel and Andreas Wiederhold.
3702 Pynchon, William. The Diary of William Pynchon of Salem. A picture of Salem life, social and political, a century ago.
1904 Rhode Islanders record the Revolution: the journals of William Humphrey and Zuriel Waterman.
5964 Robertson, Archibald. Archibald Robertson: his diaries and sketches in America, 1762-1780.
1137p Rodney, Thomas. Diary of captain Thomas Rodney, 1776-1777.
2458 Rogers, Robert. Reminiscences of the French War: with Robert Rogers Journal and a memoir of General Stark.
1139 Rowe, John. Letters and Diary of John Rowe.
1940 Sanger, Abner. Very poor and of a lo make: the journal of Abner Sanger.
68q Smith, Elihu Hubbard. The Diary of Elihu Hubbard Smith (1771-1798).
966p Smith, Richard. A tour of the Hudson, the Mohawk, the Susquehanna, and the Delaware in 1769, being the journal of Richard Smith of Burlington, New Jersey.
4534 Sullivan, Thomas. From redcoat to rebel: the Thomas Sullivan journal.
436p Vernon, Thomas. The Diary of Thomas Vernon, a loyalist: banished from Newport by the Rhode Island General Assembly in 1776.
1781 Waldeck, Philipp. Philipp Waldeck's diary of the American revolution, printed from the original from the manuscript with introduction and photographic reproduction of the list of officers.
3249 Wasmus, J.F. An eyewitness account of the American Revolution and New England life: the journal of J.F. Wasmus, German company surgeon, 1776-1783.
2722 Webster, Noah. The Autobiographies of Noah Webster: from the letters and essays, memoir, and diary.
6331 Zubly, John Joachim. The Journal of the Reverend John Joachim Zubly, A.M., D.D., March 5, 1770 through June 22, 1781.

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