David laraway associate Professor of Hispanic Literatures and Cultures Chair, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

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[Last Updated: Jan 2016]


Associate Professor of Hispanic Literatures and Cultures

Chair, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Brigham Young University

Provo, UT 84602

(801) 422-3807 office




PhD in Philosophy, Art, and Social Thought, European Graduate School, 2015. Dissertation: American Idiots: Outsider Art, Outsider Music, and the Philosophy of Incompetence (Simon Critchley, Chair; Wolfgang Schirmacher, Boris Groys)

PhD in Romance Studies with a major in Hispanic Literature and a minor in Comparative Literature, Cornell University, 1998. Dissertation: Facing Borges: The Question of Identity (John Kronik, Chair; Debra Castillo, Joan-Ramón Resina)

MA in Romance Studies with a major in Hispanic Literature, Cornell University, 1997

MA in Spanish, Brigham Young University, 1994. Thesis: The Wakefulness of the Poet: An Interpretation of Pablo Neruda’s Early Poetry (Merlin Forster, Chair; John Rosenberg)

BA cum laude with Majors in Philosophy and Spanish, Brigham Young University, 1992

Additional Postdoctoral Courses and Graduate Training

Modern Basque History course, University of Nevada, Reno (Cameron Watson), 2005-2006

Basque language course, Brigham Young University, Center for Language Studies (Mikel Morris), 2008

PhD studies in Philosophy, University of Utah, 2001-2003 [Formally admitted to PhD program as part-time student; took multiple seminars; passed qualifying exam]


Hispanic literature and culture (Borges; Spanish-American Poetry; Basque Studies)

Philosophy and Critical Theory

New Media



American Idiots: Outsider Art, Outsider Music, and the Philosophy of Incompetence [currently under review]
Árbol de imágenes: nueva historia de la poesía hispanoamericana. With Merlin Forster. University, MS: University of Mississippi Press, 2007. 341 pp. ISBN 1-889441-17-1.
Review: The Latin Americanist 51.1 (2007): 100-101. [Bruce Dean Willis]

Review: Hispanófila 154.1 (2008): 113-15. [Beatrice Giannandrea]

Review: Hispania 92.1 (2009): 72-73. [Alberto Acereda]

  1. “Only a Jaguar-God Can Save Us: Borges, Heidegger, and the End of the World in ‘La escritura del dios.’” MLN 129.2 (2014): 288-307.

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  15. Facciones: Fictional Identity and the Face in Borges’s “La forma de la espada.’” Symposium: A Quarterly Journal in Modern Literatures 53.3 (1999): 151-63.

  16. “Doctoring the Revolution: Medical Discourse and Interpretation in Los de abajo and El águila y la serpiente.” Hispanófila 127 (1999): 53-65.

Book Chapters

  1. “Teenage Zombie Wasteland: Suburbia after the Apocalypse in Mike Wilson’s Zombie and Edmundo Paz Soldán’s Los vivos y los muertos.” Latin American Science Fiction: Theory and Practice. Ed. M. Elizabeth Ginway and J. Andrew Brown. New York: Palgrave, 2012. 133-51.

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  3. “Luis Arturo Ramos y la estética del espejo retrovisor.” Acercamientos a la narrativa de Luis Arturo Ramos. Ed. Martín Camps and José Antonio Moreno Montero. Ciudad Juárez, Mexico: Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez, 2005. 283-92.

Article Reprints

  1. “José Martí and the Call of Technology in ‘Amor de ciudad grande.’” Syncing the Americas: José Martí and the New Modernity. Ed. Georg Schwarzmann and Ryan A. Spangler. Bucknell UP. Forthcoming. [Reprint of 2004 article]

  2. “Shadowing Silva.” Nineteenth-century Literary Criticism. Vol. 280. Ed. Lawrence J. Trudeau. Farmington Hills, MI: Gale, Cengage Learning, 2014. 267-70. [Reprint of 2002 article]

Book Reviews and Reference Entries

  1. Evelyn Fishburn, Hidden Pleasures in Borges’s Fiction [Borges Center / U of Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh, PA, 2015]. Bulletin of Spanish Studies [Forthcoming]

  2. Mariana Casale O’Ryan, The Making of Jorge Luis Borges as an Argentine Cultural Icon [London: Modern Humanities Research Association, 2014]. Bulletin of Spanish Studies [Forthcoming]

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  1. “Cerrando el círculo: el cuento en la época de los gif.” Direcciones de la literatura contemporánea y actual. Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, Spain, Apr 4-6, 2016. [Proposal submitted]

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Teaching Positions

Associate Professor of Hispanic Literature, Brigham Young U, August 2004 - present

Assistant Professor of Hispanic Literature, Brigham Young U, August 1998 – August 2004

Faculty Member Affiliate, Latin American Studies Program, Brigham Young U, August 1998 - present

Visiting Professor of Hispanic Literature, U Autónoma de Tlaxcala, México, April 1999 - May 2003

Visiting Instructor of Hispanic Literature, Brigham Young U, June - August 1997

Spanish Literature Teaching Assistant, Cornell U, September 1996 - May 1997

Spanish Language Teaching Assistant, Cornell U, September 1995 - May 1996

Philosophy Instructor, Brigham Young U, January - April 1991

Philosophy Teaching Assistant, Brigham Young U, September 1990 - April 1993

Undergraduate Courses Taught

Philosophical Reasoning and Writing

First Semester Spanish Language

Second Semester Spanish Language

Introduction to Hispanic Literature

Survey of Spanish American Literature

Spanish American Culture and Civilization

Studies in the Humanities of Spain

Spanish American Civilization and Literature (combined six-credit course)

Survey of Spanish Literature

Graduate and Advanced Undergraduate Seminars Taught

Latin American Studies Senior Seminar

Jorge Luis Borges, Philosophy, and New Media

José Martí and Twentieth-century Cuban Poetry

Jorge Luis Borges

Contemporary Spanish American Poetry

The Problem of Skepticism in Hispanic Literature

Critical Theory

Metaphysics and Metafictions: Issues in the Ontology of Literature

Tradition and Rupture: The Spanish American Poetic Avant-Garde

Modernismo and Modernity in Spanish America

Survey of Twentieth-century Spanish American Poetry

Individual Study Courses Supervised

Survey of Andean Literature

Borges, Saramago, Kafka

Masterworks of Spanish Literature

The Poetry of Jorge Luis Borges

The Poetry of Pablo Neruda

Mexican Culture and Civilization

The Modernista short story

Survey of Spanish American Literature

Spanish American Culture and Civilization

Gabriel García Márquez

Jorge Luis Borges

Contemporary Spanish Culture
Seminars Taught as Visiting Professor at the Universidad Autónoma de Tlaxcala (México)

La poesía temprana de Pablo Neruda, April 28-May 2, 2003

El modernismo hispanoamericano: José Martí y Rubén Darío, February 7-11, 2002

La vanguardia poética hispanoamericana: ruptura y tradición, February 19-23, 2001

Modernismo y modernidad en Hispanoamérica, May 22-26, 2000

Divinas palabras: el logos poético y el logos religioso en la poesía contemporánea, April 26-30, 1999

Other Teaching Experience

Embodiment and Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology of Perception [co-director of an interdisciplinary faculty seminar involving professors from the physical sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities], January-April 2004

Introduction to Hispanic Literature [Distance Learning Course], March 2001-April 2002

History of Philosophy I and II [Ancient/Medieval and Modern], Teaching Assistant, September 1990-

April 1993

Introduction to Philosophy, Teaching Assistant, June-August 1991


Spanish [near-native in all areas]

French [intermediate reading; limited conversational]

Basque [limited reading; limited conversational]

Latin [limited reading]
Research, Teaching, and Service in Spain and Latin America

Spain [2014, 2010, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004]

Mexico [2011, 2009, 2008, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999]

Argentina [2010, 2001]

Uruguay [2010]

Chile [2012, 2011, 2010]

Perú [2010]

Ecuador [1986 – 1988]

Study Abroad Programs Directed

Alcalá de Henares, Spain (April-June 2017) [scheduled]

Mérida, Mexico (April-June 2011)

Alcalá de Henares, Spain (August-December 2007)

Alcalá de Henares, Spain (August-December 2004)
Other Foreign Travel

France [2014, 2007, 2004]

Portugal [2014, 2004]

Switzerland [2013, 2012]

Italy [2013]
Grants, Fellowships, and Awards

Alcuin Fellowship in General Education, Brigham Young University, 2011-2013

Faculty Research Grant, Center for the Study of Europe, Brigham Young University. 2014, 2013, 2006, 2005.

Faculty Research Grant, College of Humanities, Brigham Young University. [1999-2014 (yearly])

General Education Course Improvement Grant, 2010

General Education Summer Replacement Funds, Brigham Young University. 2004.


Professional Assignments

Editorial Board Member

BYU Studies (Liberal Arts and Science division) [2003-2009]

El Cid [2002-2010]
Referee (academic journals and book manuscripts)

Hispania [2015, 2011]

Letras Hispanas [2015]

BOGA (Basque Studies Consortium Journal) [2014]

Bulletin of Hispanic Studies [2014, 2013]

Bulletin of Spanish Studies [2014, 2012, 2011, 2010]

Center for Basque Studies (U Nevada, Reno) [2014]

PMLA (invited to review, unable to accept) [2014]

Approaches to Teaching the Works of Jorge Luis Borges (proposal for MLA volume) [2008]

Cruzando puentes [2006]

Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos [2006]

Other referee assignments

Jamie Bishop Memorial Award of the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts [2012]

Tenure and promotion case (Indiana University, Bloomington) [2009]

National Scholarship Referee, Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish National Honor Society) [2002 - 2003]

Advisory Board Member, Instituto de Estudios Vallejianos (Utah Chapter) [2002 - present]

Administrative Responsibilities

Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Department Chair [2011 – ]

Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Section Head, Hispanic Literatures and Cultures [2006 – 2011]

Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Executive Committee [2006 – present]

Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Interim Associate Graduate Coordinator [2005]

Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Study Abroad Committee [2004 – 2009]

Latin American Studies Program Executive Committee [2001 – 2004]

Department of Spanish and Portuguese Ad hoc Committee on Minicourses [2003]

Department of Spanish and Portuguese Curriculum Committee [2001 – 2003]

Department of Spanish and Portuguese Graduate Studies Committee [1998 – 2000]

College of Humanities Forum Steering Committee [1999 – 2003]
MA and Honors Theses Supervised

  1. Tomás Soriano, thesis in process.

  2. Kempton Cox, Visualizing Borges: Figures of Interpretation [2015]

  3. Karla Sánchez Tanner, Octavio Paz: la voz de la auto-reflexión en el ensayo [2011] (Honors Thesis)

  4. Paul McNeil, Representations of Remembrance: Literature and Memory in Borges, Piglia, and Fresán [2010]

  5. Santiago Vázquez, El fin del mundo en el Aleph, el Aleph en el fin del mundo: Alephs apócrifos en textos de Jorge Luis Borges, Jaime Collyer y Rodrigo Fresán [2010]

  6. Chris Nielsen, Sounds of the People: Politics, Literature, and the Nueva Canción Chilena [2008]

  7. Mac Wilson, Steward, Camino, Canto: The Modes of Dwelling of Atahualpa Yupanqui [2008]

  8. Cody Hanson, An Annotated Bibliography of Interviews of Jorge Luis Borges [2008]

  9. James Krause, “The Letter Always Arrives / Can Always Never Arrive at its Destination in ‘La muerte y la brújula’ and “Metaphysical Musings: ‘Esboço para Tabacaria’ in Tabacaria by Álvaro de Campos” [2005]

  10. Gloria Stallings, La voluntad y la esperanza en Borges [2005]

  11. Ryan Spangler, The Poetic Perception of Time in Pablo Neruda’s Odas elementales [2003]

  12. Teresa García, “Apropiación y representación de lo feminino en Julián del Casal” and “Evasión y presencia: Julián del Casal y la vida moderna” [2003]

  13. Michael Wilson, The Urban Enigma: The Inescapable City as an Enigmatic Space in the Works of Jorge Luis Borges and Julio Cortázar [2002]

  14. Jennifer Jones, Understanding Darío’s Metapoetic Commentary: An Approach to Four Poems [2002] (Honors Thesis)

  15. Ellen Bethers, Walking the Line: Self-Censorship in the Poetry of Nancy Morejón [2001]

  16. David Faught, Violence and the Sacred Role of the Poet: A Recontextualization of Raúl Zurita’s Purgatorio and Anteparaíso [2000]

  17. Bryce Suzuki, “Jiménez, Neruda, and the Dual Discourse of Modernismo” and “The Finale of Don Juan: Intertextuality and Metafiction in Gonzalo Torrente Ballester’s Don Juan” [2000]

Thesis Committees (Reader)

  1. Berenice Ventura, Translating Andrew Kaufman’s “Signs of the Cross” Back into Spanish [2015]

  2. Ryan Hill, The Never-Ending Confession: The Confessional Mode in Two Novels by Mempo Giardinelli [2015]

  3. Paula Thomas, Sobredosis (de)generacional: fracaso en el cuento, “Pelando a Rocío” de Alberto Fuguet [2015]

  4. Catherine Day, Appropriating Rulfo: The Los confines Film Score as an Adaptation of Rulfo’s Ficton [2013]

  5. Jon Williams, The Boreal Borges [2013] (Comparative Studies thesis)

  6. Lauren Whetten, The Color Grid in the Formation of Paul Klee’s Painting [2013] (Honors Thesis)

  7. Andrés Chávez, Education Reforms in Ecuadorian Public Schools and their Effect on Private Education [2013] (Honors Thesis)

  8. Ernesto González, Lo grotesco y la identidad nacional en Huasipungo y El Chulla Romero y Flores de Jorge Icaza [2012]

  9. Rachel Rueckert, My Passage to India: A Collection of Personal Essays [2012] (Honors Thesis)

  10. David Dalton, Educating Mexico: Emilio Fernández’s Rio Escondido and Rosario Castellanos’ Balún Canán [2011]

  11. Serena Jensen, Female Development amidst Dictatorship in Julia Alvarez’s The Time of the Butterflies and Mario Vargas Llosa’s La fiesta del chivo [2010]

  12. Steven Clark, A Framework for Resistance: Structures of Violence in the Novels of Manuel Zapata Olivella [2010]

  13. Benjamin Cluff, Remembering the Ghost: Pedro Páramo and the Ethics of Haunting [2009]

  14. Matthew Hill, The Indigenismo of Emilio ‘El Indio’ Fernández: Myth, Mestizaje, and Modern Mexico [2009]

  15. Raquel Klammer, Espacios de desarrollo femenino en tres cuentos de Luis Mercedes Levinson [2009]

  16. Yasmina Vallejos, La memoria traumática en la narrativa de Roberto Bolaño [2009]

  17. Emily Ann Davis, Unamunian Microcosms: Four Short Stories in a New Translation into English [2008]

  18. Benjamin Eliason, The Failure of Oral and Written Communication in Rosario Castellano’s Oficio de tinieblas [2007]

  19. David Wiseman, Uranía’s Word: Creative Demons and the Testimony of the Storyteller in Mario Vargas Llosa’s La fiesta del chivo [2006]

  20. David Evans, “From the Metropolis to Mecanópolis: Literary Structure, Echoes of Erewhon and the Other in Miguel de Unamuno’s ‘Mecanópolis” and “Don Juan as Embodied Music: Dionysian Seduction in the Don Juan Myth” [2006]

  21. Jennifer Webb, Eros and Ethics: Irony in Calvino and Borges [2005] (Comparative Literature MA Thesis)

  22. Bethany Beyer, Borges and Pessoa: Esotericism Unveiled [2005] (Comparative Literature MA Thesis)

  1. Febe Benítez, Ropa e identidad en la novela española postmoderna [2003]

  2. Ryan Davis, Kaleidoscopes and Trifurcations: Signs, Suicide, and Miguel Unamuno’s Amor y pedagogía [2003]

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  10. Jeff Crockett, The Use of Cruelty in Gustavo Ott as Seen through Atonin Artaud [2000]

  11. Ida Walters, Fragmentation and the Female Image in Gonzalo Rojas’ La miseria del hombre [1999]

AFFILIATIONS (current and recent)

Popular Culture Association

Asociación Hispánica de Humanidades

International Association for Philosophy and Literature

Asociación Internacional de Hispanistas

Modern Language Association

Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association

American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese

Society of Basque Studies in America

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