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David Eapen

Professor Bedell

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There Is No God

Since ancient times people have been trying to explain the unexplainable. It’s just in our nature. We want to know everything even if we can’t. Somewhere along the line humanity came up with God as the answer to all the questions we didn’t know. I say, “came up with” because there is no God. There never has been and never will be. Sorry to shatter the illusion folks. For the purposes of this essay I’m going to use the Christian God, the God I was taught and raised to praise and worship. There are numerous reasons God doesn’t exist. To go through all of them would take years and years, if not hundreds of pages of paper. But there are four reasons that stand above the others in explaining why there cannot be a God. God as we know it cannot and does not exist due to some clear contradictions and reasons such as the existence of evil, “no reason”, poor design, and the contradiction of free will.

Before we look at why God does not exist we need to look at what defines God. “God” as defined by the Sacred Heart dictionary is “The infinite divine being, one in being yet three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God has revealed himself as the ‘One who is’, as truth and love, as creator of all that is, as the author of divine revelation, and as the source of salvation.” That definition, while wordy, doesn’t tell us much. We don’t get to know any of the attributes of God in that definition. According to the Catholic Church, God has been compartmentalized into 26 attributes, which are aseity, goodness, graciousness, holiness, immanence, immutability, impassability, impeccability, incorporeality, incomprehensibility, infinity, jealousy, love, mission, omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience, oneness, providence, righteousness, simplicity, sovereignty, transcendence, trinity, veracity, and wrath. Those 26 attributes all add to say one thing and that is, God is perfect in every which way imaginable. But, a perfect God wouldn’t change his mind, right? And the scripture supports this. In The Bible it says “For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed. (Malachi 3:6). But elsewhere in scripture it says "How can I give you up, Ephraim? How can I hand you over, Israel? How can I treat you like Admah? How can I make you like Zeboiim? My heart is changed within me; all my compassion is aroused. (Hosea 11:8). So which is it? Its strange that an all powerful, all knowing God can’t make up his mind about changing his mind. It makes him lose some of the allure. According to the church, The Bible was written by people who were being told what to write, by God. I find it hard to believe that God would allow such a big contradiction to get past the editing stage. While this is only one contradiction, the existence of just ONE contradiction is a serious blemish on the perfection of God.

A big reason I reject Gods existence is the existence of evil. There is no doubt that humanity has evil in it. All you need to do is read a newspaper or magazine. Everyday people are raped, murdered, enslaved, mutilated, burnt, water boarded, stolen from, beaten, and verbally abused. Humanity has suffered through wars, massacres and genocides. In short we like to hurt each other. The fact that we are so evil contradicts the existence of God. One of the key attributes of God is love. It is stated in The Bible numerous times that God loves us. If he loved us so much why would he have evil exist with us? It seems like a very cruel form of love. God is all-powerful, all knowing and good. A God with those qualities would want to prevent evil from happening and would know how to stop evil forever. Wouldn’t a god who is all-powerful, all knowing and good want to stop evil from existing in the first place? The existence of evil also brings up the existence of hell. What kind of all loving father figure who is perfect sends his children to rot in a burning ecosystem for the rest of eternity? Yet he still loves us? The notion of hell strengthens the fact that there is no God. A loving, all-powerful god would not let us suffer or cause suffering to others. Yet we suffer and cause suffering everyday.

The next logical reason for the non-existence of God is “no reason”. The no reason argument states that there should be no reason for us to exist. Yet we do exist. God is perfect and all knowing, as we have covered before. Yet he created us? WHY? He doesn’t need us. There is nothing we can or could give him. Yet we exist. If we take a look at Genesis in The Bible the only reasonable conclusion that one can come up with for our existence is that he needed someone to tend the Garden of Eden. But wouldn’t an all-powerful God have created a self-sustaining garden? If God were so perfect he wouldn’t have created us. The only reason God could have created us was if he was bored or lonely. But being bored and lonely are HUMAN qualities and one of the attributes of God is that he is above such human things like boredom and loneliness. If we give God the same characteristics as us, he stops being perfect and he stops being god. Thus, God doesn’t exist because we exist.

Another reason god doesn’t exist is poor design. Look at us. Is this the best the all-powerful God can do? If God did design us he did a very poor job. As George Carlin said “Results like this do not belong on the resume of a supreme being”. What Carlin was getting at is that the humans and the world at large are full of inefficiencies; inefficiencies whose very existence brings into question the existence of God. In scripture it says that God created us in his image. An all-powerful god would have created organisms that are designed the best way possible. But organisms all over the world are often poorly designed. For example, the human eye needs only three muscles to properly function. Yet it has six muscles to function instead of the three it needs. Or take the muscles that control the ear. Some people can harness the muscles and move their ears, but it serves no purpose. Another example is that humans cannot synthesize their own vitamin C while almost every other organism on the planet can (Ohta, Nishikimi). Also plants are green when being black would be more useful since black absorbs more light. There are countless things like this that can be brought up to show the poor design in humans and other organisms. Things like this show that there is no God. The poor design is evidence of natural selection. Finally, poor design doesn’t just stop with organism; it also goes to the scripture. One of the key tenets of Catholic and Jewish religions is the Ten Commandments. But as we will see they are another sign of poor design. Most of these commandments are subsets of each other. Thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal and thou shalt not bear false witness are all one form of sin: stealing. When you kill someone you steal his or her life. When you lie you steal the truth. It would be much easier and efficient to have one commandment that say: Thou shalt not steal in any shape or form. That gives us eight commandments. The second commandment, thou shalt not have any other gods and the third commandment, thou shalt not have graven images or likenesses are similar and can be added together also. It would easier to add them together and create: though shalt not have, worship and praise and god except me in any form whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. That gives us seven. The other five are not so bad. But you would have though that an all powerful, perfect god would have thought of a way to make a better set of commandments. He could have saved so much space on the stone tablets if he hadn’t wasted space for three extra commandments. It’s clear that a simpler people made the commandments in a simpler time. If God did create the Ten Commandments its very shoddy work.

The final reason God doesn’t exist is the contradiction of free will. In the Bible we learn that God gave us free will. Thanks to this we can do whatever we want. But can we really do what we want? God in his all-powerful state knows what we are going to do. He sees and knows all possible outcomes and futures. There is no way for us to deviate from it. So is it really free will or an illusion of free will. Say I wanted to shoot God and I found where he was and shot him. Well under the principle under which God works, it doesn’t matter because God knew it was going to happen. I was only completing something that was already going to happen. I’m trapped in a cycle in which I can never escape. So how can we have free will with an all-knowing god? The only solution would be maybe God chooses to know things. In which case can he really be all knowing? No, he cannot. It all comes to this: We cannot have free will and an omniscient god. The fact that the contradiction exists is proof that God doesn’t exist.

Those were just four reasons god does not exist but there are so many other reasons. If we delve into the bible we see that God isn’t the god guy he’s made himself out to be. For example, throughout the entire bible, God has killed over two million people. Those deaths were through way of flood, drought, famine and plague. This doesn’t include the wars the Jewish people fought in his name. The devil meanwhile is the bad guy when in actuality he has only killed ten people in the bible. The interesting thing is that he killed those ten people because he made a bet with God. God essentially killed those ten people too. The fact that God was gambling is another issue but we wont get into that. The evidence is clearly in favor of the non-existence of god. Religion was created by simple people, for an even simpler people who just wanted to know why and how things worked. Attaching god to things they didn’t know how to explain was an easy way out. But that easy way out isn’t necessary anymore. We know too much. We have evolved in to the species we are today and the survival of our species isn’t because we were made out of sand or a rib. It’s because we evolved and persevered. And, come on, if God created from his own image then we have a serious problem.

In conclusion, there is no god. None what so ever. There never was and there never will be. God is like the Boogeyman, the Yeti, Sasquatch and the Loch Ness monster. Not real. There is no point in praying to him because it’s random. Your chances of getting your prayers answered are fifty fifty so pray to a tree or a bird or a car. Its all the same thing. God was a story, an idea that was used to keep the dark away. But somewhere along the line he became bigger than that and now people think he’s real. Regrettably, for those involved at least, its time to put the story away. There is no god, only us.

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Its important to understand that god is a myth and a construct. Stephen hawking summed it up best when he said “When you look at the vast size of the universe, and how accidental and insignificant human life is in it, that seems most implausible.” The universe is too large and unexplainable for us to be at the center of it. God is something we created to make us feel important even though we ultimately are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

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