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 Dates and theme


La Grande Lessive® takes place twice a year. 

The first event is in March; the second is in October. 

It’s possible to contribute to a single event, or to participate in both.

Each event lasts one day. La Grande Lessive® always takes place on a Thursday.

In French, jeudi (“Thursday”) is pronounced je dis (“I say”). This way of understanding the word is translated into action, as we invite everyone’s creativity and ask that works displayed be signed with this name. Thursday is also a day like any other, since all days are equally conducive to artistic and self-exploration.

In order to span the globe, the temporary installation of La Grande Lessive® stretches over at least 3 days worldwide. Depending on the place, the installation can therefore be put up the night before or continue into the following day.

It’s not easy to determine a date suitable for everyone everywhere. Depending on holidays and local festivities, it may be possible to adjust the date. If you wish to organize a one-off Grande Lessive event, we urge you to contact us, since an explicit agreement is required.

Each event has a theme shared by all participants worldwide.

The website page « Que faire ensemble ? » provides details.

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Twitter: @LaGrandeLessive

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