Date Unit IV: Imperialism 11/4

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Unit IV: Imperialism


Industrial Revolution and Nationalism Multiple Choice Test


Duiker, pp. 572-580

Define: imperialism, Social Darwinism

  1. Why did imperial powers compete for power in Southeast Asia?

  2. How did the slave trade in East Africa differ from West Africa?

  3. How did Imperialism affect Egypt?

  4. Describe tensions between the Bantus, Boers, and the British in South Africa

5. Why did Europeans “scramble for Africa”?


King Leopold’s Ghost


Industrial Revolution DBQ


Duiker, pp.581-584, 588-592

Define: direct rule, indirect rule, protectorate, assimilation, association

  1. Why did some nations choose to rule their colonies directly and others indirectly?

  2. How were French and British methods of imperialism different?

  3. What were the advantages and disadvantages of British rule in India?

  4. How was British rule in Nigeria different from British rule in Kenya?

  5. How did European rule in Africa change after World War I


Duiker, pp.600-610

Define: Sphere of influence, extraterritoriality

  1. How did the Opium War open China to European influence?

  2. Describe the goals of each of the following movements (a) Taiping Rebellion, (b) Self-Strengthening Movement, (c) Hundred Days of Reform, (d) Boxers

  3. Were the Open Door Notes good for China? Explain.

  4. How did dynastic rule in China come to an end?

  5. Why wasn’t the Revolution of 1811 successful?


China Transformed


Duiker, pp. 613-620

Define: zaibatsu, diet, Meiji

1. Why was the visit from Commodore Perry a turning point in Japanese history?

2. How was Japan’s experience after 1854 similar to China?

3. Describe the political, economic and social changes of the Meiji Restoration.

4. Why did the Japanese adopt a policy of imperialism?

5. Why did Japan start a war with Russia? Why was its outcome so shocking to the world?


American Empire


In-Class Compare and Contrast Imperialism Essay Exam


Follow up Imperialism quiz

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