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APUSH – Unit 5 Syllabus


Topic & Content

In Class

For Homework

Mon. – 10/26

Jacksonian Era

1. Chapter 13 MC Quiz

2. Collect Antebellum Advertisements

3. Read assigned Webster-Hayne excerpts

1. Read assigned Webster-Hayne excerpts (prepare for debate on role of central government in Antebellum society)

Tues. – 10/27

Jacksonian Era

Debate role of central government in Antebellum America (inspired by Webster-Hayne debates)

Read assigned primary sources from either Jackson or Webster on Bank of the U.S. Be prepared to debate

Wed. – 10/28

Jacksonian Era

Debate Bank of the United States

Read “Trail of Tears: Exiling the Cherokee”

Thurs. – 10/29

Jacksonian Era

1. Discuss “Trail of Tears: Exiling the Cherokee”

2. Show Trail of Tears images

Outline 1990 DBQ

Fri. – 10/30

Jacksonian Era

Discuss 1990 DBQ Outlines

1. Prepare to discuss impact of the “Log Cabin” campaign of 1840

2. Work on Concept Outline

Mon. – 11/2

Election of 1840

Discuss Election of 1840

Read Chapter 14 (p. 287-297)

Wed. – 11/4

Antebellum Immigration

1. Chapter 14 Primary Source Quiz

2. Discuss Antebellum Immigration

Read “Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions”

Thurs. – 11/5

Antebellum Reform

1. Women’s Rights Powerpoint (Antebellum Reform)

2. Discuss “Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions”

3. Assign Women’s Rights Essay Prompt

Read Chapter 16

Fri. – 11/6

Antebellum Slavery

1. Chapter 16 MC Quiz

2. Antebellum South Powerpoint

Complete Interpretation Assignment “Abolitionism in the North”

Mon. – 11/9

Antebellum Slavery

1. Finish Antebellum South Powerpoint

2. Discuss “Abolitionism in the North” Interpretation assignment

1. Read Chapter 17

2. Discussion Question “What caused the Mexican War? Did Polk provoke the Texas-boundary conflict in order to gain California or expand slavery, as war opponents like Lincoln charged?”

Tues. – 11/10

Manifest Destiny

1. Chapter 17 Primary Source Quiz

2. Discuss HW Question

Read “Polk’s War Message”

Wed. – 11/11

Manifest Destiny

Debate on whether Polk’s War Message was a change or continuation of U.S. attitudes and foreign policy

Finish Women’s Rights Essay

Thurs. – 11/12

Antebellum Era

1. Collect Women’s Rights Essay

2. Work on Concept Outlines

Finish Concept Outlines

Fri. – 11/13

Antebellum Era

Answer remaining questions from students to review for test

Finish Concept Outlines/review for test

Mon. – 11/16

Antebellum Era

Unit 5 Test (Long Essay)

Collect Concept Outlines

Read Chapter 18

Discussion Question “Was the Compromise of 1850 a wise effort to balance sectional differences or a futile attempt to push the slavery issue out of sight?”

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