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Prospectus for final paper (by Monday at 5pm)

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Prospectus for final paper (by Monday at 5pm)

Thursday, Nov 5

  • Little Seagull, W12

  • Slater, Lying, excerpts (on course reserves)

Blog post (by Thursday at 8am) Find an illuminating secondary source for your research question. Explain where you found it, what search terms got you there, and why you’ve chosen this one as opposed to others. Summarize your source and explain how it changes how you are approaching your topic. Provide a proper citation for your source.

Week 12: Passing

Tuesday, Nov 10

  • LitWeb: Thesis

  • Nella Larsen, Passing, Introduction and Part 1 (through page 47)

In-class: authenticating prefaces for slave narratives

Thursday, Nov 12

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