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Week 7: Science vs. Pseudoscience, pt. 2

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Week 7: Science vs. Pseudoscience, pt. 2

Tuesday, Oct 6

  • S. Weir Mitchell, “The Autobiography of a Quack”

  • Radiolab, “Pinpointing the Placebo Effect” (19’38”)

  • Lakshmi Gandhi, “A History of ‘Snake Oil Salesmen’”

  • Cynthia Graber, “Snake Oil Salesmen Were on to Something”

Script for podcast

Thursday, Oct 8

  • Lawrence Weschler, “Inhaling the Spore” (on course reserves)

  • Leslie Jamison, “The Devil’s Bait” (on course reserves)

  • LitWeb, The Research Essay

Blog post (by Thursday at 8am): Choose one of the literary theories listed here, and compose a substantial paragraph or two reading one of our course texts through that lens. Be sure to use concrete examples from the text to support your claims.

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