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Week 5: The Supernatural

Tuesday, Sept 22

  • Readings from The Strange Case of William Mumler (on course reserves)

  • Karl Schoonover, “Ectoplasms, Evanescence, and Photography” (on course reserves)

  • Little Seagull, R1&2

In class: Assignment 2 distributed

Blog post (by Tuesday at 8am):

Post an image you have doctored to suggest supernatural presence, or, alternatively, an image that fits your podcast topic.

Thursday, Sept 24

  • Henry James, “The Ghostly Rental”

In class: clips from The Blair Witch Project

Paper 1 due
In class: Paper 1 reflection

Week 6: Science vs. Pseudoscience

Tuesday, Sept 29

  • Sawbones, “Dr. Mesmer”

  • Poe, “The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar”

  • Ali et al., “Empirical Neuroenchantment” (on course reserves)

Blog post (by Thursday at 8am):

Propose a topic for your hoax podcast, explaining why it will be well-suited to the podcast medium, and how you plan to take advantage of the auditory format. In arguing for why your tactics will be successful, provide examples from our recent course “texts.”

Thursday, Oct 1

  • Michel, “The Grandmaster Hoax”

  • Bierce, “Moxon’s Master” (1899)

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