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Week 4: Media Hoaxes, pt. 2: War of the Worlds

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Week 4: Media Hoaxes, pt. 2: War of the Worlds

Tuesday, Sept 15

  • Listen to the War of the Worlds broadcast (59’19”)

  • Watch American Experience, War of the Worlds (52’10”)

  • Listen to Radiolab: “War of the Worlds” (62’25”)

  • LitWeb: Getting Started

In class: citation discussion

Come to class with notes on how the original broadcast establishes a convincing tone. Then, take notes on specific techniques used in the video and audio documentaries to convey information and make a claim. How are they different? How the same?

Thursday, Sept 17

  • The Takeaway, “The Art of Fake News: How ‘War of the Worlds’ Changed Media Forever.”

  • Jeffrey Pooley and Michael J. Socolow, “The Myth of the War of the Worlds Panic”

  • Little Seagull, R3, W4, MLA D&E

Blog post (by Thursday at 8am): Summarize the debate between between Pooley and Socolow, The Takeaway and either Radiolab or American Experience. Which do you find most convincing, and why? Include proper MLA citations.
Draft of Paper 1

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