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Week 3: Media Hoaxes & Satire

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Week 3: Media Hoaxes & Satire

Tuesday, Sept 8

  • Edgar Allan Poe, “The Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall” (1835)

  • The New York Sun, The Great Moon Hoax (1835)

  • Goodman, The Sun and the Moon, preface and chapter 1 (on course reserves)

  • Little Seagull, W8

Take notes comparing and contrasting Poe’s essay with the New York Sun pieces.

Thursday, Sept 10

  • Little Seagull, W7

  • Selections from The Onion



  • A. Brad Schwartz, “The Moon Hoax, Jon Stewart, and Other Reminders that Fake News is the Best News”

  • The Emory Wheel, “Emory Goat Herding Club”

In class: Assignment 1 distributed

Blog post (by Thursday at 8am): Select one of the media hoaxes we’ve discussed this week, or one of your own choosing. Using the terms of the “rhetorical triangle” that we discussed this week, take a stab at analyzing how the creator of the hoax works to establish authority and believability. Are they successful? Why or why not? What tactics do people commonly rely on to persuade others that their hoaxes are the real deal? Use all three “points” of the rhetorical triangle in your analysis.

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