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US House of Representatives

Wounded Warrior Fellowship Program

Vacancy Announcement
Job Title: Systems Administrator/Staff Assistant

Member: Congressman Duncan Hunter

Office Location: Cannon HOB, Washington, DC

Date Needed: Immediately
Job Summary:
The position is for a Systems Administrator/Staff Assistant in the D.C. office to be responsible for operations of the computer systems in D.C. and CA.  The position will also assist in drafting constituent correspondence and maintaining records of all mass mailings, 499s and teletown halls.  The person is this position will also assist with front desk operations and arranging tours.
Job Duties and Responsibilities:
The incumbent for this position will maintain the office computers in D.C. and CA, to include the constituent mail system. The individual will develop and maintain an information management and automation strategy for the office; develop and maintain methods to process, manage, and store all computer data for the office; trouble-shoots network and computers problems.  The individual will ensure the office has the necessary computer equipment to function efficiently and performs necessary computer maintenance.  Adds and deletes users from the system and provides computer assistance and training to the staff.  Drafting constituent correspondence, maintaining records of mass mailings, 499s and teletown halls, and assisting with front desk operations is also required.
Requirements: This program is limited to veterans who have served on active duty since September 11, 2001, have a minimum 30% service connected disability rating from the VA and less than 20 years of service. High school degree required, some college courses preferred but not required.  Professional education through the U.S. military is highly encouraged.  Excellent communication and organizational skills.  Service-oriented, positive attitude, and strong teamwork ability.”
Salary: Commensurate with experience.
Contact: Interested veterans may go to to learn more about the program and may submit their resumes, a DD214 and a letter from the VA indicating that they have a 30% or greater rating to Do not send resumes directly to the office of Congressman Hunter.

The Wounded Warrior Program was established to create fellowships that will provide employment opportunities for wounded or disabled veterans within the House of Representatives in Washington, DC and in district offices nationwide.  Those selected for the program will be employed by the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer but will be given the opportunity to work in Member, committee and leadership offices and, if a fit is found, transition into full-time employment.  However, full time employment is not guaranteed at the conclusion of the two year fellowship.

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