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"A Walk In the Clouds"


Mexican culture mixes with Anglo. The scene where Berkley comes home for the grape harvest depicts old vs. young generation differences.

"Joy Luck Club"


The scene where Waverly introduces her fiancé to her parents for the first time illustrates Chinese/Chinese American culture colliding with Anglo culture.

“Indiana Jones & Temple of Doom”


The scene where they are invited to eat a meal involving Monkey's Brains and a mysterious soup with the Maharaja.

"The Gods Must Be Crazy"


Some clips within this movie show difficulties in cross-cultural interaction because of language and culture differences.

"Behind Enemy Lines"


The scene that shows Owen Wilson’s character in Bosnia with a rap shirt on illustrates cultural convergence.

“Harry Potter & The goblet of Fire”


The scene where Hogwarts' students first meet and ridicule Beauxbatons and Durmstrangs.

“James Bond – You only live twice”


James needs to learn how to interact with Japanese and Chinese culture.



Explains how the US is not a homogenous culture.

“The Spanish Apartment” (USA) (“L'auberge espagnole” is the original title)


The basis is a group of international students in the Erasmus program who share a flat. Explores stereotypes. An Italian and a German share a room. One side is tidy; the other side not.

"La Ley de Herodes"


The exercise of power and corruption and apparent within the cultural differences. They are also comic in their attempt to show the differences.

"The Japanese Version"


This depicts how the Japanese Interpret American Culture.

"People Like Us"


This shows class differences

"American Tongues"


Shows a vast array of American Cultures

“Bend it like Beckham”


It depicts nicely multicultural issues within the British society

“Black Rain”


About American – Japanese differences in the context of police work

“Hotel Rwanda”


Some powerful scenes as the hotel operator tries to keep the hotel open during a terrible time.

“Erin Brokovich”


Social class differences.

“The interpreter”


All kinds of trust and communication opportunities across not only cultures, but political orientations.

“Gung Ho”


Expatriate adjustment and Japanese vs. US business practices



Shows the wage difference between modern culture and older African ones.

“ A Year in Provence”


English vs. French cultures.

“Rising Sun”


American Vs. Japanese Cultures.

Shogun Series


Neat descriptions of European vs. Japanese cultural differences

“Out of India”


About the Indian Institute of Technology’s graduates.

“The New French Revolution Summer”


About Muslim’s population in France.

“Top Ten %”


About Texas’ college admissions rule

“Imported from India”


About the Indian Institute of Technology’s graduates.

“Echo Boomers”

October 2004

A good analysis of this generation.

“Sir Howard”

January 2006

About the British Sony CEO, who does not know the culture very well and doesn’t speak the language either.

“The Look”

December 2003

About Abercrombie & Fitch’s discrimination problems.

“Working 24/7”

April 2006

About being connected and working longer hours as a result of new developments in IT.

The Millenials are Coming.

November 2007

A representation of the challenges for business to incorporate members of this generation into the process and making them productive.

Star Trek series

“Star Trek”

“Star Trek Next Generation”

“Deep Space 9”

“Babylon 5”





They all have a Space Stations and characters that are from different cultures and species working together.

Star Trek Next Generation

“Darmok” Episode

Involves an encounter by the Enterprise crew with an alien race with whom they cannot communicate despite the fact that the aliens are speaking the crew’s language



The sociologist has to learn how to communicate with another race entirely, and do so despite their fear of writing.

“The Office” series


The episode where Micheal attempts cross-cultural training.

YouTube Clips

German Coast Guard

December 18th 2008

A quick funny clip that represents a difference in language and how issues can arise based on language differences.

McDonalds Chinese Commercial

May 30th 2007

Illustrates how collectivism cultural value is used in advertising

USA Misunderstanding

March 13th 2007

This is a more practical example of a misunderstanding between two very close languages involving the word “hmm”.

The American Handshake

February 28th 2008

Dan Fishel in “The International Student Experience” describes the cultural differences from the US to the rest of the world. Specifically the handshake.

Japanese Story “Rude Introduction”

July 20th 2007

This clip has a young Australian women picking up a Japanese businessman. The difference in what is appropriate is apparent.

A Class Divided

Part 1:

Part 2:
Part 3.

Part 4.

Part 5:


The famous blue-brown-eye experiment by Jane Elliott. It would enrich any class on

cross-cultural communication and cooperation challenges and prejudice. The first two parts are about the experiment itself, whereas the rest is a


The Other Side of Outsourcing

December 23rd 2005

Pangea Day

May 10th 2008

Allows students to see things in different perspectives in a current and lively manor.

Educational/Training Films

DVD video supplement for Charles Hill's Global Business Textbook from McGraw-Hill

The “Mustang Jeans” segment is about US. vs. Japanese business deals.

“At the heart of the Bull”

Commercial training video about cultural diversity

“Making a good impression”

Commercial training video

“Globally speaking: skills & strategies for success in Asia”

Commercial training video

“Black Gold”


A movie about Fair Trade coffee in Ethiopia. It shows a lot about different ideological approaches to "the market" and gives a view of dealing with coffee farmers in Ethiopia.

“Brit’s Get Rich In China”


A documentary which is a perfect example of cross-cultural management as it plays out for four British entrepreneurs with starkly different approaches.



A documentary on the impact of globalization on the world’s different wine regions.

Anne Lawrence (DVD) (

Clips to represent Shell in Nigeria, which allows for a look at the cultural differences within the business world.

International business practices [videorecording] : hidden dimensions.


Discusses three basic principles underlying culture - information, space and time, and their influence on international business negotiations.

Lists other resources.

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