Date Class Content Assignment for the Next Class Meeting

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Date Class Content Assignment for the Next Class Meeting

Week 1 Introduction and Orientation Browse through the (8/21-8/23) Understanding the Writing textbook & Write a Process one page evaluation

Prewriting Techniques Read and do pp. 3-19

Introduction to Grammar

Language Hierarchy Do pp. 29, 32, 36-38

Major Parts of Speech Do page 365
Week 2 Journal Writing Do Activity 2 pp. Fragments 373-74

(8/28-8/30) “The First and Second Steps Do pp. 46-47

in Writing” Read pp.592-94 Answer 10 questions
Week 3 The Color of Water Write 1st draft

(9/6) Quiz on fragments description/definiti

Support and Unity Continued Do pages 75-80

Description/definition/Narr Read pages 261-266

Week 4 Peer Review Evaluation of Type Final Draft of (9/11-9/13) Description/definition/Narr first paper

More about Specific Details

The Third Step in Writing

Run-ons Read pp. 706-709

Quiz on run-ons Answer ten questions

Final Draft Description/ On pages 398-400

Definition/Narr due Sept 15th Do Review Test 1 & 2

Week 5 Understanding verbs Read pp. 613-617

(9/18-9/20) Illustration Paragraph Answer 10 questions

Linked with Reading R98 Read pages 185-190

The Color of Water/ Coherence
Week 6 First Draft Illustration Due Read pp.722-729

(9/25-9/27) Reviewing the three steps Answer ten questions

(support, unity, and coherence)Type final draft

Final Draft Illustration Due illustration

On Sept 27th.

Week 7 More about the three steps Read pp.158-163

(10/2-10/4) Quizzes on the three steps Fill in the spaces

Quizzes on verbs, fragments

And run-ons
Week 8 Subject-verb Agreement Do pp. 162-167

(10/9-10/11) Color coding a paragraph Read pp. 221-227

Understanding Comparison Read pp. 658-664

and Contrast Answer ten questions

Write comparison and contrast paragraph

Week 9 Peer Review Evaluation Read pp. 693-694

(10/16-10/18) Comparison/contrast on

More on subject-verb Answer 10 questions

agreement Answer questions 1-8

Quizzes on pp. 696-697
Week 10 Submit final draft comparison Read pp. 598-602

(10/23-10/25) contrast Answer 10 questions

Writing a comparison/contrast Answer questions 1-8

In-class on pp. 604-605

Paper format pp. 454-58

Note: Do not be absent on 10/25; otherwise,

you will lose credit for the in-class writing.

Week 11 Pronoun agreement Read pp. 427-433

(10/30-11/1) Code coloring a paragraph Read pp. 713-717

Answer 10 questions

Answer questions 1-8

On pp. 719-720
Week 12 Introducing cause and effect Read pp. 658-664

(11/6-11/8) Quizzes Answer 10 questions

Mid term exam Answer questions 1-8

Note: You have to take the on p. 665-666

Mid term on 11/08 to earn Prepare for mid term

Week 13 Writing the Essay Read pp. 668-671

(11/13-11/15) Argument Night Answer 10 questions

And 1-8 on pp.673-72

Adjectives and adverbs Write first draft

First Draft Argument Read pages 314-325
Week 14 Another sentence error: Read pp. 434-39

(11/20-11/22) Pronoun types and errors Do page 439

Peer Review Argument Read pp. 641-646

Answer questions 1-8

Comma On pp. 648-49

Week 15 Final Argument Essay Night Read pp. 210-216

(11/27-11/29) Code coloring a paragraph Do page 212

Commonly confused words Write first draft


Assessment Skills Essay Exam Read pages287-292

On Nov. 29th
Week 16 Evaluation of Assessment Exam Do page 446-47

(12/4-12/6) Introducing misplaced Read pp.445-453

and dangling modifiers


Preparing for the finals

Week 17

(12/13) Final in-class from 09:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Note: You have to take the in-class finals to receive credit

Good Luck and Merry Christmas

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