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Significant Battles of the Civil War 1860-1865




April 1861

Fort Sumter

The first acts of war by both the CSA and the USA, after 34 hours the South accepted the Northern commander’s surrender of this import strong hold.

July 21, 1861

1st Battle of Bull Run

The first real battle of the War. It happened between the cities Richmond and Washington D.C. This battle made Americans realize that war would not be a short.

April 6 1862

Battle of Shiloh

Another battle like New Orleans and Vicksburg that allowed the North to Control the Mississippi River

April 29, 1862

New Orleans

A battle that helped the North gain control of the ocean entrance of the Mississippi River.

May 31, 1862

Yorktown and Seven Pines

The South failed badly and lost more soldiers then the North, considered a victory for the South. The union does well under General McClellan.

Sept. 4, 1862

Battle of Antietam

Considered the bloodiest 1 day battle of the war.

Dec. 12, 1862

Battle Fredericksburg

A Major loss to the US Army. It disrupted the moral of the North and gave the south inspiration.

April 30, 1863

Battle of Chancellorsville

A battle for the South that was fairly successful, But where the South lost its commanding General Johnston and a hero name Thomas Stonewall Jackson.

July 2 1863

Battle of Gettysburg

This battle broke the back of the South with the loss of 23,000 troops. It is considered a major turning point of the war.

July 8, 1863

Battle of Vicksburg

A key battle for the North which helped them secure the Mississippi River. It was a 9 month siege that allowed General Grant to become commander of the whole Union Army.

Sept.2, 1863


Union General William T. Sherman moves 100.000 troops on a march to the sea from Tennessee to Atlanta, GA. Destroying everything in his path. This campaign helps Lincoln get re-elected in 1864

April 2, 1865

Surrender at Appomattox

The battle that led to the unconditional surrender of the South by General Lee.

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