Date and place of birth: 28 Nov. 1935, Northwood, North Dakota, usa citizenship

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Military service: U.S. Army, 1955-1958
Languages: German and Hungarian (fluent, but not perfect, in both)Categories:

I. Books and monographs

II. Articles, book chapters, and other shorter works

a: cliometrics in general

b: economics of transition and reform of planned economies

c: agriculture and agricultural development

d: land tenure and land reform

e: international trade, customs and tax unions

f: economic development and economic policy, general

g: unpublished conference papers

h: work in progress

  • 1. The Ethnopolitics of Land Ownership in Prussian Poland, 1886-1918: The Land Purchases of the Ansiedlungskommission, short monograph, "Trondheim Studies on East European Cultures and Societies," No. 9 (Trondheim, Norway, NTNU: 2002), with Christa Kouschil.

  • 2. Historisches Verzeichnis der Grundbesitzer des Burgenlandes/Burgenland történelmi gazdacímtára 1893-1930 [Historical Register of Landowners of the Burgenland, 1893-1930] (Eisenstadt, Austria: Verlag des burgenländischen Landesarchivs, 1999).

  • 3. Selected Cliometric Studies in German Economic History, co-edited with John Komlos (Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 1997).

  • 4. Ami "köztudott", az igaz is? Bevezetés a kliometrikus történetírás gondolkodásmodjába [Is "What Everybody Knows" Really True? Introduction to the cliometric way of thinking in writing history] (Debrecen, Hungary: Csokonay Press, 1996).

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