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Degree Planning Sheet 2015-16

M.A. in English

Students must complete this Degree Planning Sheet (DPS) as a preparatory tool for selecting their POS committee and planning program of study coursework that meets degree requirements. Review the completed DPS and other required POS documentation (if applicable) with your Major Professor and POS committee members. You must also complete and submit for approval the Graduate College online Program of Study and Committee Form (POSC) in your AccessPlus account. All documents and the online POSC Form must be submitted by the announced deadline in the appropriate semester:

2nd semester of coursework for MA graduate assistants (GAs)

Upon completion of 9 POS credit hours for non-GA MA graduate students

Provide a copy of this completed DPS to your Major Professor and POS committee members, and be sure to keep a copy for yourself. Submit this original DPS and POS documentation forms to the Graduate Program Staff Assistant, 227 Ross Hall. Approval of the online POSC Form is required by all POS committee members, the Director of Graduation Education (DOGE), and the Graduate College before you are officially considered to have an approved Program of Study and Committee (POSC).

Major Professor signature Date

Expected Graduation Term:      

Co-major or minor degree program (if applicable):      

POS Committee Members
(3 required—2 including Major Prof from within your major; 1 outside your major/field of emphasis)

(Major Prof; Comm Mbr)

Outside Engl Dept Mbr

Co-Major/ Minor Mbr
(if applic)

















Specified Coursework

18 Credits Total

Semester & Year Taking

(3 cr.)

Engl 546 can only be used to satisfy this requirement OR a literature requirement below but not both.





Literature (15 cr.)

3 cr. must be in literature before 1865 (523, 532, or 533; and 531, 538, 539, 540, 541, 543, 545, 546 when appropriate).

Type a star (*) next to the date if the course is being used to meet the pre-1865 requirement. (Check published list of acceptable courses.)

American Literature (3 cr.)

Choose only one course.




when appropriate

 531  540  545

 538  541  546

 539  543


British Literature (3 cr.)

Choose only one course.

Students may use Engl 523 to satisfy a literature requirement OR a language requirement but not both.




when appropriate

 531  540  545

 538  541  546



Graduate Literature Courses (9 cr.)

Include pre-1865 requirement in this list if not met above in American or British literature requirement.

[list courses]







Areas of Specialization

9 Credits Total

Course No. plus
Semester & Year Taking

Students must choose one of two areas of specialization offered:

1) Literature

2) Literature and the Teaching of Reading

Students interested in the LTR specialization must be interviewed by Donna Niday (; generally, only those with current teaching licenses will qualify for this specialization.

 Literature (LIT)

(3 electives from Engl
Dept grad courses in any of the graduate majors; with prior approval as a POS waiver/ equivalency one grad CI course may be used; strongly recommended if planning to teach are Engl 503 and 521; TAs may count Engl 500 or 3 credits of SpCm 513;)

 Literature and the Teaching of Reading (LTR) (requires CI 552, CI 553 or CI 556, and CI 588)

LIT specialization:


LTR specialization:


Thesis/Creative Component

3 Credits

Semester & Year Taking

 Engl 699  Engl 599

Thesis Creative Component


Language Requirement

Engl 523 or a graduate linguistics course taught in the English Dept may also count as an elective in the area of specialization credits above.

Please select one option:

 Complete two years or equiv of college-level study in single foreign language with an average grade of C or higher

 Complete one year or equiv of college-level study in single language with grade of B or higher in second semester, concurrent with MA coursework

 Take the placement exam (in German, French, or Spanish) offered by the Dept of WLC and achieve a score certifying proficiency in that language equiv to satisfactory completion of two years at the college level

 Complete, with a grade of B or higher, 3 credit hours of graduate linguistics

 Complete Engl 523 with a grade of B or higher

 Nonnative speaker of English: Pass the English Placement Test (EPT) as a grad student at ISU or pass required English classes; if qualify for EPT exemption, the Graduate English Requirement Approval form has been submitted or is attached

 Completed and Language

Requirement Form attached

 To be completed       and

Language Requirement Form will
be submitted by the end of that

30 Credits Total


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