Data performance of modified pushout+ppd mechanism with elastic and deterministic traffic sources with priorities

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Valentin P. Hristov received the M.S. and the Dr. degrees from Technical University of Sofia, in 1989 and 2002, respectively, both in computer science. He was Assistant Prof. in Technical University of Sofia (1990). Since 2004 joined South-West University, Bulgaria, where he is presently a Assoc. Professor. He is working on network simulation for analysis of ATM networks, and explore new design concepts. His research interests include performance modeling and analysis of high-speed networks.

Firas I. S. Alzobi born in Jordan in 1972, received the M.S. in electronics and microelectronics from the Technical University of Sofia, in 1996. He is interesting of high speed networks, and working on new design concepts of ATM networks. He is continuing his postgraduate in the Technical University, and preparing his thesis for the doctor’s degree.

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