Dark Ages is usually used to define Europe after the 5th century fall of the Roman Empire. Due to the upheaval of the era, historical records are scarce. However

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manorialism for some semblance of order and structure. Within this system, wealthy lords owned manors, and the peasant class worked these manors in turn for food, shelter, and protection.

Amidst this chaos, William the Conqueror became Duke of Normandy, then he set his sights on the English crown. After defeating King Harold of England at the Battle of Hastings, an event which is recorded in theuber-famous Bayeux Tapestry, William ruthlessly subdued England in the horrible Harrying of the North. Not content with merely subduing the lands, William also conducted a large census, recorded for history in the famous Domesday Book.

With all this in mind, it's pretty easy to see why he's been given the title William the Conqueror.

The Bayeux Tapestry is a visual record of the Battle of Hastings and the events that led up to it. It is meant to justify William the Conqueror's invasion of England in 1066 CE. Learn how it was constructed, the history behind it and how the story unfolds through a long series of images.

The Origin of the Bayeux Tapestry


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