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Muscle cars before I was born

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Cars before the 2000s were full of power block engines and great designs. If they had both features then they were considered muscle cars. That’s what I’m here to talk about today. I am going to ask the following questions like how do they worked, how have they changed, disadvantages and finally advantages I had an interview with my grandfather and told me all there is to know about cars when because he was there way back then. Now that I know about cars back then I’m going to tell you about technology of cars before I was born.

When I went to his house the other day to ask him questions I expected a lecture, but when I ask my grandfather those questions he was on the ball right to the point. I asked him how long it’s been since he has seen a true muscle car then he replied it’s been exactly 3 hours. I asked how this is possible. He led me out to the old barn at the farm. He open 2 huge doors only to see that it was empty but for 1 thing. I ask what was under that cover. I’ll show you. We went to the other side of the barn and he lifted the cover partially to where we both saw the letters ”ss” that were welded onto the grill of the car, which when I saw that it made me think it was a super sport as he lifted it I saw the hood of a 1970 Chevrolet corvette. He pulled the cover completely off the car and there it was a beautiful snow white corvette with thirty two inch wheels, a brand new four hundred horse power edlebrock engine, and red carpet floor board with leopard skin seat covers.

When I asked him how it worked he was a complete smart aleck and said insert the key in the key hole and turn it till it starts, then he was serious and said that once the gas is in the engine, it goes into a cylinder and the spark plug ignites the gasoline and causes the valve to open and that turns the drive shaft which turn the wheels and makes the car go.

When he was finish with that I asked him how it has changed and he said this in the same exact words” the cars have turn into plug in the wall toys” and then he left.

Once this was all said and done I walked home with this information to tell to you.

Wyman, Charles personal interview 12,apr.2012

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