Dance Definitions activity – Years 7-10

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Dance Definitions activity – Years 7-10
The following activity can be used to reinforce the comprehensions and spelling of a selection of Dance vocabulary. (See list below)

A and B lists: For a class of 30 students: Photocopy 15 sheets of the appropriate year level, cut in half and put A lists in one pile and B lists in another.

Organise the class into pairs and name each student A or B.

Distribute the sheets (the ‘A’ student receiving the ‘A’ sheet), with each student keeping their sheet hidden from his/her partner.

Give the class 5-10 minutes to complete the definition column on their sheets.

(If possible, have the Dance Wall Charts available for reference for those who may not know a particular definition.)

After the appropriate time ask each student to fold under the first column of their sheet, leaving only the definitions and the blank ‘word/term’ column able to be seen.

Pairs swap sheets and 5-10 minutes is given for the students to read the definitions and to guess the correct Dance words.

Students check their answers to complete the activity. The words written in the first and second ‘word/term columns should be the same.

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