Daly City 4-h projects Open to the county youth Alternative Energy

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Daly City 4-H Projects

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Alternative Energy: This project is open to all 4-H members in the county who are interested. The Daly City Farm is the oldest 4-H Farm in San Mateo County. There is no electricity and it is too costly to bring a PG&E drop there. We have already built our solar panels and will be working on our stands, a solar tracker and installing the system. For those of you who missed making the solar panels, we will have a side project of making personal portable solar phone chargers. There will be a nominal fee for the materials for this. Also this year we hope to start building a wind turbine to supplement our solar system. We will also be researching the best way to light the barn using our system. Each meeting will be 2.5-3 hours long. They will be held from 11 am 2 pm on the third Sunday of the month. We will add other meetings if we need to. We will also be researching, writing grants and soliciting donations to fund this project. We are accepting donations as well as funding sources that we can look into.


Buddy Project: A Special-needs Youth and the 4-H Program. About 4.3 million school-age children in the United States have disabilities. This project will focus on developing a buddy system for the inclusion of Special needs youth. These youth with the help of a buddy will be able to participate in all of 4-H, Including possibility of raising an animal for fair. Research shows that 4-H members with disabilities will develop greater self-confidence and self-reliance when they successfully interact with other youths and participate in traditional 4-H activities. 4-H members without disabilities benefit by having the opportunity to interact regularly with youths who they perceive to be different. The goal of the disabled 4-H’er is to have a 4-H experience as close as possible to that of other 4-H’ers. The goal of the nondisabled 4-H’er is to gain understanding and acceptance of disabled peers.http://makercamp.com/wp-content/themes/maker-camp/img/logo.pnghttp://mcdn1.teacherspayteachers.com/thumbitem/clip-art-special-kids-043118300-1371481959/original-732144-1.jpg

Maker Camp Project Make for building, tinkering and exploring.

Welcome to the Maker Camp Project! Come join young inventors and artists to make awesome projects, go on epic virtual “field trips,” and meet the world’s coolest makers. The Maker Camp Project inspires kids ages 13-19* to embrace their inner maker, get their hands dirty, fix some things, break some things, and have a lot of fun doing it.* Kids younger than 13 can participate in the Maker Camp Project when an adult can come and be with them. Our project meetings themes will be Makers in Motion, Art & Design, Fun & Games, Science & Technology, DIY Music, Make: Believe

P.S. There will be advance projects for those who are interested in more of a challenge.The meeting time and dates are yet to be determined. Tentative 1st meeting will be the 1st week of October Orientation meeting Thursday Sept 25 at 7 pm. 3 Castro Ct Burlingame.http://www.gardenstatedga.com/siteimages/clipart_001.jpg

Nigerian Dwarf Entrepreneur Group Project: The Daly City Club has received a grant to purchase 3 Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats. This project will be like the pastured poultry project in Pacifica. It is a group project with families taking shifts in the care of these animals. This is an Entrepreneur project and we will be initially using them to clear brush. In the spring we hope to breed the 2 does. After they kids we hope to use the milk to make soap to sell. If there is interest and after a few months, we will consider letting someone from the project to lease one of the goats to show at fair. We will be picking up these goats around the end of September or beginning of October when the youngest is weaned. hm00447_

Sign Language Project Everyone within 4-H is welcome to participate in this project, both members and their parents.

While you can learn sign language from books and videos, classes provide the human interaction and reinforcement needed to build your confidence. The goal of this program is to give each person the ability to communicate on a basic level with the deaf and the hard of hearing. The lessons are independent of one another, yet part of a “Bigger Picture.” Our lessons are theme-based on topics that we feel are needed in everyday life. There are also lessons for special occasions, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our lessons are designed to be about an hour long. As the students become more proficient, we begin learning to sign to songs of the students’ choice.

Each student is given a copy of the lesson to take home with them. There also may be fun worksheets included as choice homework. For those who are interested, we will do a Presentation Day group performance.

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