Daily thing or weekly things Most of my goals are to do X this many times per day

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Quran >> read Quran every day for 15-20 minutes – so it’s daily thing or weekly things

Most of my goals are to do X this many times per day or per week for the next 6-months

Most of them are like that because what I find is that if I want to increase Iman, I need to do ibadah, how do I do ibadah, I need to do ibadah every single day or X time a week.

How do I do that I create a schedule and a habit out of it. So I'm just following the schedule.

I don't have to think of how close am I to this goal I just know instead that if I follow that routine and a habit I will reach my goal as a consequence of it.

So I set my goals in very measurable and specific ways. So like I said:

  • Go to gym – 2x /week – Monday & Friday

  • Read Quran – 15 min /day – after Fajr

  • Upload a video – Friday /week

You know these things they're very specific. They're black and white. Did I do it or did I not do it. Simple. And I don't make them too too ambitious because I'm aware of how hard it is for us to do stuff consistently and so I make the goal small but I make it so I have to be consistent with it.

And this is how I set goals – 6-month sprints.

  • 6 months different categories. Each category have 1-3 different goals.

  • The goals are very specific and they're usually related a certain time so a certain day of the week or a certain time of the day.

  • And I know if I followed the habit that I've set for myself I'll reach my goal and I'll be happy feeling satisfied at the end of the six months.

After six months goes is over I will do a kind of I don't know survey monitor report of how well I did and now it will tweak them I'll either increase the goals I'll get rid of goals I don't want to do anymore or I will completely accomplish the goal and so I'll add new ones and stuff.

So this is how I set goals. I find it way better than having this like one year three year plans that your life can change and it's also to distant, too abstract. Six months very real very now, it’s 26 weeks.

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