Daily Lives of Civilians and Soldiers during the Civil War (SS8H6b)

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Daily Lives of Civilians and Soldiers during the Civil War (SS8H6b)

  1. How were the daily lives of Southerners affected by the Union Blockade?

  1. Nickname for a Union soldier was ____________________, and the nickname for a Confederate soldier was _____________________.

  1. What were the average daily rations for a Union soldier?

What were the average daily rations for a Confederate soldier? And why who they have very little?

  1. The color of the Union uniforms was ______________ and the typical Confederate soldier wore ___________________ colored uniforms.

  1. What items would a Civil War carry in their knapsacks and belts?

  1. What types of activities would Civil War soldiers engage in when not in battle?

African-American Soldiers

  1. How many African-Americans fought in the Civil War?

  1. What did the 54th Massachusetts felt they had to prove during the war?

  1. What famous battle did they prove themselves as soldiers?

  1. Which black soldier won the Congressional Medal of Honor?

  1. What was the most honored position within an army unit during the Civil War?


  1. How many soldiers were imprisoned at Andersonville prison?

  1. What did prisoners used for shelters?

  1. What were the men called who stole from other prisoners?

  1. What did the small stream in the middle of Andersonville prison double as?

5. How many men died at Andersonville?

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