D. I. A. Disciples in Action curriculum assisting young people in their discipleship journey

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Session 13: To recognize and respond to the needs of God’s suffering children locally and abroad, I am:

  • looking for physical, mental, social and spiritual needs in the community.

  • responding mercifully to the discovered needs, individually and/or as a church.

  • speaking out and acting to relieve suffering and injustice in society.

  • reducing human suffering by being a faithful steward of God’s creation.

  • acting compassionately on behalf of people who are disadvantaged or at risk.

Session 14: To help believers study and obey God’s word, I am showing others to:

  • understand the purpose of Scripture.

  • discover study methods that will help them engage in regular Bible study.

  • apply biblical principles to live their lives thoughtfully and faithfully.

  • use tools to more effectively interpret biblical meanings.

  • discern spiritual truth in a balanced manner.

Session 15: Debriefing
Session 16: To develop Christ-centered relationships in the local and global church as a member of the body of Christ, I am:

  • being supported and nurtured by the community of believers.

  • praying with and for fellow believers, rejoicing with those who rejoice, and caring for those who are in need.

  • loving and serving the church’s children, continuing to disciple them as they mature into adults.

  • treating others redemptively when they are disciplined or shunned by church or society.

  • keeping informed and responding to news and stories of the world church.

Session 17: Understanding that God has provided everything that is needed for my redemption, I am learning that:

  • salvation and eternal life are gifts to me through the grace of God.

  • Christ came to earth to reveal the character of God and to die in my place as atonement for my sin.

  • the love of God draws me to feel sorrow for my sin, to confess, and to repent.

  • God forgives sin and restores brokenness.

Session 18: To support the ministries of the local and global church with personal resources, I am:

  • managing my resources with the understanding that they all belong to God.

  • returning a faithful tithe and giving offerings systematically.

  • serving in one or more ministries of my local church.

  • participating personally, as possible, in global service projects or ministries.

Session 19: To help believers live a contagious, holistic Christian life, I am showing others how to:

  • understand the biblical teaching to love the Lord with our heart, soul, strength, and mind.

  • explain how Christ is the center of all biblical teachings.

  • express Christ’s love by creatively using their talents and interests.

  • apply biblical principles to every aspect of their lives—mind, body, and spirit.

  • lead someone to accept and follow Christ.

Session 20: Debriefing

Session 21: To develop positive relationships with those outside the church, I am:

  • respecting and praying for non-believers because all are of infinite value to their Creator.

  • being a good neighbor, participating in community life, and helping those in need.

  • being ethical in all my business dealings and in my professional and personal life.

  • reflecting the character of Christ in all my interactions with others.

Session 22: To understand that God has provided everything needed for my restoration, I am learning that:

  1. Jesus died to redeem me from sin and now lives to restore me to physical, mental, and spiritual wholeness.

  1. through the power of the Holy Spirit, Christ will live in me and I will live in Him.

  1. because every person is created in God’s image, my relationships will be based on love, forgiveness, and respect.

  1. the Holy Spirit daily prompts me to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with my God.

  1. God expects me to be a steward of all He created.

  1. the great controversy ends when God brings an end to sin and restores earth to its original perfection.

Session 23: To embrace the evangelistic mission of the church, I am:

  • interceding with the Lord for a personal lifestyle of prayer to be an effective witness for Him.

  • empowering myself through group interaction to share my faith with others.

  • sharing the faith of Jesus to engage others for the Kingdom of God.

Session 24: To help believers discern where God is working, I am:

  • teaching them to pray for a clear understanding of what God wants to accomplish through them.

  • helping them recognize the work of the Holy Spirit within and around them.

  • helping them discern where God is calling them to serve.

  • assisting them in assessing the needs of those God have called them to serve.

  • equipping them to evaluate the culture they are called to serve in, in order to find and reach others.

Session 25: To help believers use spiritual gifts to fulfill a personal call to mission and ministry, I am showing others how to:

  • confer with fellow believers to confirm and refine their areas of spiritual giftedness.

  • be prepared for mission and ministry by participating in training programs.

  • choose and participate in ministries that use their gifts and talents.

  • find ways to support Adventist mission and evangelism, ministries, and education.

Session 26: Debriefing
About the Writers

BALVIN BRAHAM, Inter-American Division

Dr. Balvin Braham has over 27 years of experience working with young people both within and outside the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He served as Youth Director of the West Jamaica Conference for over 10 years, as youth Director of the West Indies Union Conference for 5 years and as Associate Youth Director of the General Conference, Inter-American Division for 5 years.

Presently, he serves at the General Conference, Inter American Division as; Administrative Field Secretary, Assistant to the Division President, Director of Human Resources, Leadership Development Coordinator and Associate Ministerial Secretary, responsible for Evangelism and Church Growth.

Dr. Braham has earned a diploma in Education, Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology, Master of Arts degree in Religion and Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership. He is married to Anett nee Simms, his soul mate, a registered nurse and together they have two grown daughters; Shavannie and Julaine.

Dr. Braham loves young people and commits his life to encourage others to join him in empowering the youth on the journey to the Kingdom of God.

BRENDAN PRATT, South Pacific Division, Greater Sydney Conference

Brendan Pratt currently serves as the Discipleship Coordinator for the Greater Sydney Conference in Australia. Prior to this role he pastored the Papatoetoe church in Auckland, New Zealand for ten years. He is married to Amanda and has three boys, Bradley, Benjamin and James. His interests include keeping reptiles and Australian football. He is passionate about seeing what happens when people allow God to work in and through them.

CALVIN ROBERSON, North American Division

Calvin N. Roberson is a graduate of Oakwood College, where he earned his B.A. in Theology; he earned his M. Div. at Andrews University and is presently pursuing his doctorate at Ashland University. Calvin began pastoring at the age of 24, and went on to successfully pastor nine churches in the Allegheny West Conference. His congregations have had exceptional growth. In 1986 he got involved in youth ministry when he instituted student mentoring and programs in the public schools in Charlottesville, VA. That passion for youth ministry has also been expressed through numerous youth arts and witnessing initiatives.

DEBBONNAIRE KOVACS, North American DivisionDebbonnaire Kovacs has been writing since she could hold a pencil, and sold her first story to Junior Guide when she was eleven years old. By her twenties, she recognized that writing and speaking were not just what she loved to do, but what God wanted her to do. She has written off and on for most of her life, but has been writing full time since 1990, having written fourteen books including the first, second, fifth, and sixth grade Bible textbooks used in Adventist schools in North America, and over 150 stories and articles for all ages. She speaks at camp meetings, women’s retreats, and other events, and also does copyediting. She urges everyone to take their dreams to God and see whether they are more than just dreams. They may be assignments from the King of Heaven.

You can reach her at debbonnaire@debbonnaire.com or on the Web at www.debbonnaire.com

ERIKA PERPALL, InterAmerican Division

Erika Perpall is a wife and mother, a youth Leader, computer professional and Cradle Roll Sabbath School Teacher. Born and raised in the Bahamas, She is the youngest of four girls. Erika matriculated at Andrews University where she obtained a BS in Computer Science. Her hobbies include reading, computer games and travelling. She serves as secretary to the Pathfinder Corporation of The Bahamas and is a volunteer tutor at Lets Read Bahamas.

EURYDICE OSTERMAN, North American Division

JULIAN THOMPSON, Trans-European Division

Julian Thompson currently serves as President for the Thames Valley Youth Federation (TVYF), A vibrant youth organization supported by the South England Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Having completed a degree in Political Science at the University of Nottingham, Julian answered the call to Ministry in 2009 and commenced Ministerial training at Newbold College (UK), where he is completing an MA in Old Testament Studies. According to Julian, ‘the most important thing that we as leaders can do for our youth is to lead them into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Julian is also a keen saxophonist, and jogs in his spare time.

KERRYAN FRANCIS, Inter-American Division

Kerryan Francis is an International Development Worker based in Jamaica who currently works with vulnerable older persons and their families and has worked with other vulnerable groups including at-risk youth.

KIMBERLEY TAGERT-PAUL, North American Division

Kimberley Tagert-Paul writes from Michigan, United States of America. An internationally published author, her passion is writing for young people. She loves crafts, photography, and reading. She has been married to the love of her life for 30 years and has two sons. When not gainfully employed, she can be found butting heads with her teen son, chasing her four-year old grandson until he catches her, or enjoying the sounds and beauty of Lake Michigan with her husband. Her life goal is to make it to heaven and take as many people with her as she can.

KRIS STEVENSON, North American Division

MICHAEL IKECHUKWE OLUIKPE, Southern AsiaPacific Division

MICHELLE RILEY-JONES, North American Division

Michelle Riley-Jones currently serves as the Minister of Music and Worship at the Capitol Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church in Washington, DC. (www.chcsda.org). For this multi-generational congregation, she leads an nearly 200-member ministry--a vehicle of evangelism and discipleship. She is also a prayer facilitator for the church’s 24-hour Prayer Line, and a bible study leader for its weekly virtual Bible Study. In addition, she serves as a consultant to pastors and their music and worship teams; and is a project team member and liturgist for the ecumenical project, The African American Lectionary (www.theafricanamericanlectionary.org), funded by Lily Endowment. Michelle owns human resources consulting practice based in Bowie, MD. She attended Columbia Union University (formerly Columbia Union College) in Takoma Park, MD, and graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor’s in Personnel and Labor Relations. She is currently completing Masters courses in Christian Ministry at Union Theological Seminary in Dayton, OH.

PHILIP ORESO, East Central Africa Division

Tony Philip Oreso, is a freelance writer in Nairobi, Kenya. Widely known as Philip, Tony attended Ranen Adventist High School in Kenya where he developed a strong passion for writing. Currently he contributes in Sabbath School Quarterlies for youth and Young Adults as well as working on his book manuscript for the same readership.

RON FLOWERS, North American Division

Dr. Ron Flowers is a retired Director of the Department of Family Ministries, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. He holds a Doctor of Ministry with an emphasis in marriage and family counseling from Denver Seminary and is the author or co-author with his wife, Karen, of more than 30 major books including a curriculum framework on sexuality entitled Human Sexuality: Sharing the Wonder of God’s Good Gift with Your Children (Department of Family Ministries, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, 2003), which has been translated in 10 languages. He and his wife have presented family life seminars on marriage, parenting and family living in some 85 countries.

STEVE THOMAS, Trans-European Division

Dr. Steve Thomas is the Youth and Young Adults director of the South England Conference, in Watford, England. Prior to that, he pastored the Reading Central and Whitley Seventh-day Adventist churches, two multi-national dynamic and growing congregations located in Berkshire, England.

In addition to his pastoral and administrative ministry, Pastor Thomas travels internationally, preaching and conducting leadership and relationship seminars.

The author of two books, Evangelism: The Evangelistic Guide and Relationship: Taking the Biblical Approach, Dr. Thomas has also written numerous Bible study series.

Pastor Thomas has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, a Master’s Degree in Religion, with an emphasis in systematic theology, and a Doctor of Ministry Degree, emphasis in strategic planning. He is also an architect/building surveyor and has utilized this skill in the development of the churches he has pastored.

Pastor Thomas is happily married to his wife Lurline and is the proud father of two young adults, Christina and Stephanie.

TRACY MORGAN, North American Division

Tracy A. Morgan lives in Holly, Michigan with her husband and their two sons. She is the author of Bathsheba: A Story of Sin and Redemption, and Samson, as well as several articles that have been published in Women of Spirit, Signs of the Times, and Primary Treasure.

Quick Glance




Session 1: Developing a dynamic, deepening, love relationship with god

Brendan Pratt


Session 2: understanding that Christ calls me to be his disciple

Kimberley Tagert-Paul


Session 3: seeking opportunities in all daily activities to minister to others

Eurydice Osterman


Session 4: helping believers engage in a transformational devotional life

Kris Stevenson


Session 5: Debriefing

Debbonnaire Kovacs


Session 6a: developing an individual identity that is complete in Christ

Michael Ikechukwe Oluikpe


Session 6b: developing an individual identity that is complete in Christ

Erika Perpall


Session 7: understanding that god is the source of life

Debbonnaire Kovacs


Session 8: investing myself in the discipleship of others

Tracy Morgan


Session 9: helping believers build Christ-like relationships

Tracy Morgan


Session 10: Debriefing

Debbonnaire Kovacs


Session 11a: developing Christ centered family relationships

Ron Flowers


Session 11b: understanding god’s plan for marriage and sexuality

Ron Flowers


Session 12: understanding the consequences of the human fall

Philip Oreso


Session 13: recognizing and responding to the needs of others globally

Kerryan Francis


Session 14: helping believers study and obey god’s word

Steve Thomas/Julian Thompson


Session 15: Debriefing

Debbonnaire Kovacs


Session 16: developing Christ-centered relationships in the church

Tracy Morgan


Session 17: understanding that god has provided for my redemption

Debbonnaire Kovacs


Session 18: supporting the ministry of the local and global church

Debbonnaire Kovacs


Session 19: helping believers live a contagious, holistic Christian life

Calvin Roberson


Session 20: Debriefing

Debbonnaire Kovacs


Session 21: developing positive relationships with those outside the church

Kimberley Tagert-Paul


Session 22: understanding that god provided everything for my restoration

Debbonnaire Kovacs


Session 23: embracing the evangelistic mission of the church - witnessing

Balvin Braham


Session 24: helping believers discern where god is working

Kimberley Tagert-Paul


Session 25: helping believers use spiritual gifts to fulfill a personal call

Michelle Riley-Jones


Session 26: Debriefing

Debbonnaire Kovacs


project director

Gilbert Cangy


bonita shields

debbonnaire kovacs

copy editor

erica richards

project coordinator

maria dunchie


The development of an effective curriculum is a multi-step, ongoing, and cyclical process. The process progresses from evaluating what we are doing now, to designing an improved program, to implementing a new program and back to evaluating the revised program. Your honest review and analysis of the information provided, its impact on lives (yours and others), as well as on people’s perception of its strengths and weaknesses will help form the foundation of future curriculums and resources as we look forward to developing other curricula to assist in the discipleship process of our youth and young adults.

Please send your comments or concerns to dunchiem@gc.adventist.org or write to:

Youth Ministries Department

General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

12501 Old Columbia Pike

Silver Spring, MD 20904

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