D-day and Beyond Worksheet

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D-Day and Beyond Worksheet

  1. What was the code name for the overall invasion of Normandy?

  1. Why was Normandy the target?

  1. What type of information did the Allies compile about the Norman coast prior to the invasion?

  1. Who were the overall commanders of the land and sea operations on D-Day?

  1. What was the Allied deception plan called, who was involved, and how was it carried out?

  1. What part if any did intelligence play in the invasion?

  1. Who was Garbo?

  1. What happened to the 101st and 82nd airborne on the night prior to the invasion?

  1. What was the job of the Airborne troops in Normandy?

  1. What is the reason for the black and white stripes on the Allied planes?

  1. What did the Germans do that cost more lives in the Airborne drop than shooting down aircrafts?

  1. What was Operation Neptune? Why is it such an amazing achievement?

  1. How many beaches were targeted on D-Day and what were they?

  1. What were these German bunkers known as to Allied invaders?

  1. Which beach was the most heavily defended?

  1. Commander of the German Army on the Atlantic Wall, argued extensively with Rommel about how to best defend the Wall from an allied invasion.

  1. What obstacles did the invading forces face? Please be somewhat specific.

  1. What is Pointe du Hoc? Why was it an important objective on D-Day?

  1. What infantry groups were assigned to Omaha?

  1. Who was Brig. General Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.?

  1. What type of Amphibious vehicle is pictured here?

  1. Why was Cherbourg so important to the Allied advance?

  1. Where was Rommel during the invasion?

  1. What was Operation Cobra? Whose plan was it?

  1. Explain the area the Germans called the DEATH ROAD and why they called it that?

  1. Who was Field Marshall Walther Model?

  1. When was Paris liberated?

  1. What was the only thing that slowed the Allied advanced following D-Day?

  1. Why was D-Day so very successful?

  1. Why was the Memphis Belle so impressive?

  1. What is this plane called and how did it change the war?30. This cartoon refers to what VERY dangerous cause of death during WW2? Often caused by misjudged artillery.

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