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Reading Quiz:

  1. False. Canada, being a democracy, has many influences on their foreign policy, including – but not limited to- NGO’s, Cabinet, Media, Citizens, History, and Prime Minister. All these factors make it more complicated when setting foreign policy.

  2. True

  3. False. The Prime Minister, the Cabinet, and the members of Parliament have greater influence.

  4. True

  5. True

  6. False. Not all nations and states are concerned about globalization. I believe that they will all be affected to some extent, though.

  7. True

  8. False. Economic sanctions are not supported by everyone as the sanctions hurt a state’s citizens, rather than its government.

  9. False. The most powerful branch of the UN is the Security Council.

  10. False. The United States refuses to accept the authority of the International Court of Justice.

  11. D.

  12. A.

  13. C.

  14. D.

  15. B d.


Position Paper Choice One

  1. What is the Main Issue?
    Should we continue Peace-keeping?

  2. Main Position:
    We should continue Peace-keeping.

  3. Arguments: (this section could be expanded....)
    First: Peace
    Example: Guatemala

    Second: independence

    Example: East Timor

    Third: against removing peace-keeping


  4. Counter Argument:
    What about all the peace-keeping missions, which have either been unsuccessful or have continued on for far too long?
    This does not mean that we should scrap peace-keeping all together; it tells us that we should reapproach the way in which we carry out peace-keeping missions. We need to ensure that we go in with a better plan, and with the proper number of forces. Look at what made the missions failures in the past and change them for the future.

  5. Conclusion:
    It is important for us to take a hard look at how we go about peace-keeping missions and the guidelines that have been set out. The program needs tweaking, but not elimination. Peace-keeping is important in order to help in humanitarian efforts, as well as to try and keep the peace between the fighting groups. Without peace-keeping, the world would be stained with even more bloodshed; we need something there to prevent hostile groups from reinitiating the fighting. This doesn’t mean that we should be there forever, but we should be helping the given area to be able to continue peace when the peace-keepers leave.

4/5 you might, in future, want to put a bit more information into the planning of the body
Position Paper
United Nations is a unique and dynamic instrument developed by the Organization as a way to help countries torn by conflict create the conditions for lasting peace.”

- United Nations Peacekeeping Website(

The United Nations have been on numerous Peacekeeping missions around the world, and even currently have approximately seventeen ongoing operations. The question at hand is whether these many missions are successful, and whether Peacekeeping is really something that we need to have. We hear a lot about the failures, but what about the successes? They are rarely reported on, which may make them difficult to find. Two success stories would be Guatemala – 1997 and East Timor – 2005. (What will be your position?)

(It’s best to start with what your argument will be, then give the examples for support) The UN went into Guatemala after thirty six years of internal conflict. Under the eye of the United Nations, the Agreement on a Firm and Lasting Peace was signed December 29, 1996. The United Nations observer group went into operation on March 3, 1997, the day that Guatemala entered the formal ceasefire. The Unidad Revolucionaria Nacional Guatemalteca (URNG), completed the terms laid out by the Agreement, under UN supervision. After the removal of the UN military observers, there was continued support for activities in support of peace in Guatemala.
East Timor was added to the list of Non-self Governing Territories in 1960. Civil war broke out in the area in 1974, when Portugal looked to establish a government to find the status of East Timor. Portugal withdrew when they were unable to control the situation, but then Indonesia got involved. The UN got involved themselves, in 1999. They helped to hold a vote, which showed that East Timorese people wanted independence. The UN stayed to help East Timor become independent, which they achieved May 20, 2002. They stayed until 2005, to allow operational responsibilities to develop under the control of the East Timor authorities; as well that it had attained self-sufficiency.
In some cases, UN Peacekeeping is able to make a significant difference, as seen in Guatemala and East Timor (now known as Timor-Leste). In other cases, their presence is not appreciated, and the peacekeepers are sent in with specific guidelines which can make it difficult to make a difference, if the guidelines are not adapted for given circumstances. These unsuccessful missions should be used as a learning experience to change the way that the UN operates its Peacekeeping unit.
It is important that we continue Peacekeeping; peacekeepers go to places where no one else is willing to go. They attempt to prevent conflict, keep it from escalating, help in humanitarian efforts, as well as build a strong foundation for a given area to start a more peaceful beginning. The way that peacekeeping missions run and the guidelines set out need to be addressed in an effort to try to give the program greater successes, but it is an extremely important program, if not a necessity. Peacekeeping can help areas to create a better foundation so they can thrive and live in lasting peace, as well as reduce the amount of violence world-wide.

You are an excellent writer, so please take my comments as constructive criticism for future reference (i.e. diploma exam). The most effective format is one where you clearly state your position in the Introduction, then use the body to give main arguments and support for your position. The conclusion, rather than giving your initial position, should simply re-state it and wrap up your paper, O.K.?

However, your examples were good for this topic.





TOTAL: 22/30

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