Czech for Foreign Students Beginners ret9534 Practice, 2 hours/week, 4 credits, Teacher: Dr. Hana Slavíčková

Courses recommended for students of Theology

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Courses recommended for students of Theology
Bible and History in the Iron Age - RET10421 (Biblical texts in light of the epigraphical discoveries from the Iron Age)

Lecture + Practice, 2 hours/week, 2 credits, Teacher: Jan Dušek, Th.D.

Our objective is to scrutinize the Old Testament texts which concern the period of the Iron Age in the light of the North-West Semitic epigraphic sources. We will study selected inscriptions written in Aramaic and in Canaanite languages, which concern the texts of the Old Testament.

Resurrection - RET2061 (in history of religion, exegesis, systematic theology)

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