Czech for Foreign Students Beginners ret9534 Practice, 2 hours/week, 4 credits, Teacher: Dr. Hana Slavíčková

Courses recommended for students of Social Work

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Courses recommended for students of Social Work
Social Work in the Czech Republic I; Current Situation and Challenges – RPZ02B

Lecture and Seminar, 2 hours/week, 5 credits; Teachers: PhDr. Eva Křížová, PhD., Mgr. Daniel Bartoň, PhDr. Hana Janečková, Ph.D., PhDr. Jaroslava Šťastná. Ph.D.

The course aims to introduce major social issues and concerns in CR which are closely associated with social work: socio-economic development after 1989, current social structure and emerging problems, approaches to solving them and basic coping strategies. The course will explore theories and concepts related to social exclusion and integration, legal concerns and provide examples of practical applications to be analysed and discussed by the course participants. The course is taught over a semester (12 sessions) with one lecture or seminar each week.

Health, culture and society; Social, cultural and religious aspects of health and health care – RPZ01

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