Cyclopedia Of Economics 1st edition

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3. Interest Rate Regime

Increases in Lombard and discount rates to offset speculation against the currency.

4. Export Revenues Regime

Reduce the period for repatriation of export proceeds.

5. Import Controls

Prohibition on import of luxury goods and non-commercial vehicles.

Increase customs tariffs and duties on all imports (and introduce countervailing measures under GATT/WTO rules).

6. Public Procurement Regime

6A. Ceiling budgeting (the imposition of ceilings on item expenditures and micromanagement of the accounts of the budget users)

6B. Positioning of Finance Ministry supervisors and co-signatories in all budget users
6C. Freezing of public procurement of non-essentials
6D. Freezing of public procurement of essentials
6E. Expropriation of logistical war materiel (for instance, cars)

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